If you’re the average Indian child, you know that choosing a career is of the highest importance. It is important for your future and your success. But, picking the right career option is so hard. Especially in the stereotypical Indian mindset, where being an engineer or a doctor are the only two options, it is hard to understand where you fit. Whether you wish to become an engineer/doctor or not, it is important to know what your options are. If you’re looking to build a flourishing career, you should know what you’re getting yourself into, how to manage the upcoming hurdles, and how to be prepared.

Picking a career can be stressful for young students. Most of the time, they don’t have complete information before them. Instead of getting tangled into a web of misinformation, it’s better to go for career counseling.

What does a career counseling entail?

  1. Online aptitude test An online aptitude test is usually the first step in career counseling. It tests your reasoning and cognitive abilities. Each individual has a different level and quality of aptitude. The questions and results are classified under five major categories- Numerical, Mechanical, Spatial, Verbal, Reasoning. An online aptitude test is professionally curated to test the extent of your cognitive and reasoning abilities to see which profession they fit best. This is why the online aptitude test should be taken very seriously. It will help define all the opportunities that are reasonable for you.
  • Online Psychometric test- A psychometric test is starkly different than anonline aptitude test. While an online aptitude test will judge your intelligence factor, an online psychometric test will judge your personality. Your characteristics and traits are crucial to your survival and progress in any profession. A psychometric test helps career counselors judge which profession suits your traits the best. If you have leadership traits, then a management or corporate position might be best suited. If you can adapt quickly and have immense critical thinking abilities, you may be well suited to be a lawyer.
  • Final analysis and understanding prospects– Once you’ve given the online aptitude test and the online psychometric test, the career counsellor will analyze the results. Their job is to lay down all the feasible options in front of you and tell you the steps for following those career paths. This is a crucial step; only professional career counselors with a degree in child psychology should be allowed to analyze your results. Once you have all the options in front of you, you can pick the path you like the most. Financial constraints must also be kept in mind. In case you have severe financial constraints, a career counsellor will help you find scholarships or other financial stops.

Advantages of career counseling:

  1. It helps students have complete, correct, and updated information about viable career paths.
  2. It helps young people switch career paths.
  3. It helps unmotivated people who aren’t satisfied with their current job.
  4. Help find ways to be productive at the current job.
  5. Find financial options for economically insecure students.
  6. Help aim for better results.
  7. Remove any scope for misinformation regarding unconventional career paths.

Why pick Idreamcareer?

Idreamcareer understands how intimidating choosing a career path can be. They counsel children starting from 10th standard. They ensure children don’t feel vulnerable during this difficult time. They have four levels of a test of 20 minutes each. Their tests can be taken in four languages- Marathi, Kannada, Hindi, English. They skillfully test the hobbies, traits, personality, aptitude, and mental ability of the student. This is done via carefully curated online aptitude tests and psychometric tests. Students who take these tests receive a detailed analysis report, so they have complete information before making any important decision.

They’ve successfully made a monumental impact in the lives of students and parents, in schools and colleges, in non-profit organizations, and even in the development sector. Idreamcareer even has a face-to-face mentoring program where counselors can directly address students’ queries and quell their fears. The IDC Inform program is one of the best features of Idreamcareer. They inform students regarding all the prospective colleges and courses they can take. These are the reasons why Idreamcareer is the leading online career counseling forum in India. Read Also: Types of online aptitude test

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