What is the definition of a good student? Scoring high marks in all subjects and striving to be in the good books of teachers certainly helps students in school. However, the purpose of education goes beyond academics; it is to ensure the overall development of students, which the best preschool in Pune facilitates through extracurricular activities.

Extracurricular activities refer to activities that students pursue besides their academic course of study or outside their regular program curriculum. Sole concentration on studies to stay ahead in class and perform excellently is often a common approach that stifles students’ social growth. Therefore, parents and teachers must encourage students to participate in various extracurricular activities as it helps to develop strong relationships.

But in what way do extracurricular activities help to strengthen relationships? Let us find out:

  1. Develops Crucial Skills 

Every child has different personalities; some of them might easily get along with their classmates, while others take time to open up. Furthermore, they possess varying understanding levels, which is why a few students respond more promptly than others.

Besides, we often expect them to excel equally, which is not possible; instead, we must provide them with opportunities to communicate. For instance, when they take part in activities like icebreaker sessions, speeches, debates and storytelling, it helps them to come out of their comfort zone.

In effect, it improves their communication skill, allowing them to express their concerns and doubts with their parents, which in turn improves the parent-children relationship.

  1. Boosts Creative Thinking and Innovation 

When children take part in different extracurricular activities, it helps to explore various interests and broaden their perspectives. Be it any kind of sport like football, cricket, basketball or badminton, it helps them learn about teamwork and the importance of collaboration.

Likewise, some children like sketching, drawing, dancing, etc.; sports and arts both are vital activities that encourage them to think outside of the box. So, it helps to boost their creativity and innovation, which are quite beneficial to solve problems.

  1. Enhances a Sense of Commitment 

Top schools in Mumbai highlight the significance of cultivating a sense of responsibility or commitment by following a daily routine. So, when students include different activities and arrange them in a schedule, it urges them to follow them thoroughly.

Sometimes, children often have to tend to home or family-related tasks, so they must execute them accordingly. As a result, they learn time management, which also strengthens their relationship within their family.

  1. Better Academic Performance 

The popular misconception about extracurricular activities is that they take up too much time and cause unnecessary distractions. On the contrary, extracurricular activities increase brain function and concentration ability; no wonder the best boarding school in Bangalore incorporated play-based activities in the classroom sessions.

  1. Personal Growth and Development 

One of the most remarkable benefits of extracurricular activities is that it allows students to engage with other people. It allows them to overcome their hesitation and connect with their peers; they might find individuals who have similar interests.

Consequently, they end up making friends; but it is more than a befriending opportunity; extracurricular activities help to boost their personal growth and development. Besides, they learn social skills, which help to build and maintain relationships.

In Conclusion, 

Extracurricular activities are a crucial part of a student’s life and are much more than just an interval or break from studies. In addition, these activities are vital because it helps to foster imagination, creativity, and creative problem-solving and social skills.

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