How to Step into the Analytics Universe?

Training Analytics

Training Analytics

That title sounds dramatic, but why not? We are quite accepting of the Marvel Universe or the DC one. And mind you analytics plays a pretty huge part in making those universes what they are today. From image processing to marketing analysis, it is all there. When I say analytics universe, I intend to extol the sheer vastness of it and the penetration it has had across different industries. This field has always been and still is plagued by skill-shortage. But at the same time, there are candidates who are looking for analytics roles but failing to secure one. Clearly, there is a gap somewhere resulting in an imbalance between the quality of candidates and the necessity of employers. However, you can make a decision to step out of the spasm and make good use of your talent.

Widen your gaze

The role of data scientist might have been famously heralded as the sexiest job of this century, but you do not need to stick to that. The field is evolving with new skills and roles coming to the forefront. The job of a data scientist becomes extremely hard if a robust data pipeline is not in place, one that would make sure that the sorted data from reliable sources reaches the data scientist. This is taken care of by a data engineer. And they are hot in demand.

A data translator combining the technical expertise of an engineer with operational expertise is a new and important role that no one is really talking about.

The point is, when you opt for analytics training in Bangalore, you should know what the market looks like in Bangalore.

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Understanding your own needs

Not everyone learns analytics to land a job as a data analyst or say a data scientist at a large conglomerate with a huge salary. That is there and that is sweet, but there are people who want to be a freelancer, a consultant, an educator, an entrepreneur. Their requirements are going to be guided by their interests as well as the kind of project they work on. As a retail-based entrepreneur, you might find some advanced excel skills really helpful, whereas as a data analyst in a large company you may most definitely have to learn SAS. Your background should also tell you where to start.

Know what you do not know

It is really important to accept ignorance to get enlightened. There are certain categories like domain knowledge, research method, presentation skills, operational analytics and others in which you need to assess and rate yourself. If you are a beginner, fine, start from scratch. You must be deadly honest with yourself. Some analytics training centers facilitate you with counseling. Mentors can assess your skills and talents to guide you down a path that would be suitable for you.

Time is of the essence

Learning analytics involves understanding complicated concepts while also adapting to the technical procedures. You need to be ready for a physical and mental challenge while attending a training course. If you are already working it is ideal that you go for an online course and take it slow. But if you have the luxury of time, you can totally join a classroom set up. Live interaction; networking; getting that vibe going; all really count when you are out in a new venture.

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