Strategy To Prepare Chemistry For Class 12 CBSE Exam

Chemistry has been a challenging subject for many students. Chemistry is all about properties, structures and the composition of matter and particles. It is also the field of science that is concerned with the changes that a matter or particle undergoes during a chemical reaction. But chemistry is a subject that cannot be memorized, students understand the concepts thoroughly from the basics to score good marks in the exam.

Chemistry is one of the most scoring subjects when it comes to 12th standard CBSE exam and students can obtain good marks in the exam with little hard work and dedication. But along with hard work and dedication, students must have a well-planned strategy to prepare chemistry for class 12 CBSE exam. Some tips to prepare chemistry for 12th standard board exam is given in the points mentioned below.

Know the syllabus and exam pattern

The syllabus is one of the most important components when it comes to preparing for an exam. The first step that every 12th standard student must take is to get completely familiar with the chemistry syllabus and the exam pattern of the examination. Knowing the syllabus and exam pattern well will give students an idea about the marking scheme and the difficulty level of the questions asked in the exam.

Prepare a timetable

After analyzing the exam pattern and the syllabus, the next step that students must take is to plan a timetable for their exam preparation. Following a proper timetable will help students to prepare for their exam in an organized manner. Students are suggested to design the timetable in such a way that it provides enough time for all the chemistry topics of the CBSE 12th syllabus.

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Important chemistry topics

Along with studying all the topics of class 12 chemistry, students must also focus on the important topics of chemistry. Students are also advised to go through the CBSE class 11 chemistry notes, as the concepts of 11th standard are included in 12th board exam. Some important topics that students should focus on are given below.

  • D and F block elements
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • P-block elements
  • Electrochemistry
  • Solid States
  • Surface Chemistry

Chemistry study materials

NCERT books are the best study materials to prepare for CBSE exam. This CBSE study material covers the entire syllabus of 12th standard chemistry so that students can learn more efficiently. Students are not advised to use too many reference textbooks for their preparation as it will only bring confusion to them.

Practice question papers

One of the most effective ways to prepare chemistry for the board examination is to solve CBSE sample papers and previous year question papers. Solving question paper on a regular basis will make students familiar with the question pattern and will boost their confidence. Students are suggested to solve question papers regularly before the examination which will also help to develop their speed and accuracy.

Students can follow these preparation tips while preparing chemistry for CBSE 12th standard board examination. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel to watch interactive video lessons of various topics of chemistry to prepare for the board examination more effectively.