How To Succeed In Acquiring a Lucrative Scholarship in Malaysia


The most pressing concern that people have when they’re aiming for a certain course is the financial demands of that particular degree. If you ever decide to be a doctor and you wish to be successful, there’s a need to be prepared for different levels. And yes. This includes financial readiness especially considering the amount you need to pay for the whole curriculum. Because of this specific situation, it has become essential for many to apply for scholarships and grants currently offered by different organizations and by the school itself.

SEGi, which is considered as one of the leading medical universities in Malaysia offers a wide array of scholarships for students who wish to acquire financial aid and relief. In order to be qualified, there’s a need to consider the different requirements.

What’s the most basic requirement?

All students are recommended to apply scholarship after SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia). This helps guarantee that they can pass the required standards. The SPM is considered the GCE- Ordinary level. And it’s essential that the students have the proper academic requirements so it’s easier for their application for scholarship to be considered. Once you’re able to attain the right grade or percentage for the SPM and for the other requirements, it’s easier to apply for specific scholarships. The process is more efficient as well.

Other tips to live by

It’s important to be set in terms of your scholarship requirements. But there are other things you can use to speed up the entire process.

1. Community service –  One of the things that people look for is your community service streak. Were you able to volunteer for a certain organization? Do you have a certain cause you believe in? Participating in small missions actually go a long, long way for you. It impresses the people you’ll be submitting the application to.

2. Polish your resume – This isn’t only talking about your actual application and physical resume. It’s also important to polish your online presence to perfection. Students can now use several websites to showcase what they’ve accomplished in the past and what their current experiences are. Make use of these tools to your full advantage.

3. Apply for as many scholarships as possible – There’s more than one option and it’s in your best interest to use as many as you can. Make sure that your application has the right requirements. You also need to provide the specific needs and particular items needed. If there are slight differences for each scholarship application, then it’s imperative that you make use of all the methods necessary to guarantee that your current application fits. Even if all the choices are related, you still need to make such changes.

4. Answer as many questions as possible – Just because the form says it’s an ‘optional’ question doesn’t mean that you should ignore it. There’s a difference between divulging personal information and providing it so you can land a better opportunity for the future. Most students tend to ignore this thinking that it won’t be utilized. For your information, every detail provided will give the deciding body the perfect insight into what your character is. And it helps them decide if you’re perfect for the slot or not.

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