Very large scale integration technology has taken the field of electronics like a storm. With its advent in the electronic devices, things have changed a lot. VLSI is basically a semiconductor technology which can accommodate more than one million transistors in a single chip there reducing the size of the integrated circuit and increasing its efficiency. This technology is utilized in almost all the field today which are related to electronic devices. Hence, there has been a huge demand for people who are an expert in this field. So, building a career in VLSI isn’t that hard if you know what to study and have a firm hold on it. There are many VLSI project institutes in Bangalore which are giving opportunities to the students to learn about this technology and build their career. So, let us find out the topics which you need to learn to get a job in VLSI.

The first topic which you should be well-versed about is complementary metal oxide conductors commonly know as CMOS. In most of the cases, students have more knowledge about bipolar junction transistor (BJT) than CMOS. This is because colleges usually concentrate on teaching BJT. Nonetheless, if you want to be a part of VLSI you can easily get some basic books about CMOS and start understanding it. In CMOS you need to know about its design, the different capacitance in CMOS, stick diagram, the concept of resistance and finally the fabrication process.

Next one is the flip-flop. The people belonging to the electronics field must know about this and the ones in the computer can get a general idea about flip-flops. Flip-flop is a part of a digital design and isn’t given much importance during your engineering. Hence, you have to learn more about this concept as it is important in the field of VLSI. You need to know about the functionality of different flip-flops such as edge and level triggered and understand how it works. You need to understand the timing concept of flip-flops along with sequential circuits. The various concepts in this topic are setting up, holding, recovery, removal, and slew.

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You should know the concept of combinational circuits because any electronic device is built on different combinations. Get a good grip on the different types of GATES which are used to make combinational circuits. And you should also know about the different types of delay which might occur.

These are the things you should know while building the chips. Now you need to know about programming too. VHDL and Verilog are two such known languages which will help you to get a job at the front end of VLSI. It isn’t necessary to learn this language, but knowing it will be an added advantage for you. There are two scripted languages namely PERL and TECL which is very popular in VLSI. Knowing this will be a big plus for you.

These are some of the things which you need to know to enter in the VLSI  industry. If you have an inclination towards design then you should join VLSI design training institute in Bangalore where your dreams will get their wings.

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