For all the aspiring mobile application developers out there, Xamarin Studio, the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has been a blessing in disguise. It has created a pathway of opportunities for the development of mobile apps for both the creators and their promoters. This software is used to build applications on Android, IOS, and Windows with an interface complementary to the whims of the builder. Xamarin training qualifies the learners to get an exposure of the platform, further enabling the learning of installations, configuration, and web services.

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What exactly is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a tool that allow users to design and develop Native Mobile applications across different mobile platforms using C#-shared code base. Developers use it to share code across multiple platforms, including Windows and macOS. Over 1.4 million developers used Xamarin’s products in 120 countries around the world as of April 2017. Certification of this training gives an understanding to the builder of its features, hence, creating a well-built application.

Why Xamarin?

Xamarin training is crucial for all the budding developers who want to do big in their careers. Following are the listed advantages of this application developer.

The user can build all of the Xamarin apps in Visual Studio which completely replaced Xamarin Studio, hence removing the need for toddling between the two development environments. The cross-platform development tools are provided as a built-in part, stripping any additional charges. Xamarin platform offers a solution for testing and tabbing into the app’s overall performance. The software allows you to create marvel experiences using platform-specific UI elements. With Xamarin, your solution gets native-level app functionality. It eliminates all hardware compatibility issues, using plugins and specific APIs, to work with common devices functionality across the platforms. It also supports linking with native libraries, allowing for better customization and native-level functionality with little overhead. Due to its cross-platform application, Xamarin makes maintenance and updates easier too. And this is why Xamarin is trusted to be the perfect fit for apps where code sharing is of higher importance than custom UI. It crafts a single interface to share it across platforms without designing for each platform separately.

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What are its advantages?

  • Xamarin forms reduce your development cost.
  • It cuts down large mobile development teams to few Xamarin developers
  • You save time developing apps
  • Native performance.
  • Shared code.
  • Native touch and visuals.

What does this training teach?

The certification in this training will allow the learner to understand how the interface works and other detailed specifications of the software. The trainee will learn how to install and work with Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio. You will know the iOS and Android application structures, and also how to build native applications through this software. You’ll know how to compile and run native builds, and about the custom controls.  You’ll have an insight into the working of cross-platforms and the Xamarin Forms. And, by the end of the course, you’ll know how to access application resources and to test and publish your app.

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