With the world becoming technologically advanced each day, every business is looking to expand its reach to a wider audience. To bridge any communication gap, businesses and brands opt for specialists who can provide accurate and precise translations without ruining the original context. Providing professional translation services is often a labor-intensive work that requires significant and continuous effort. For this, every translator requires certain skills and abilities to get the job done like a professional.

  1. Proficiency in Languages:

The first and foremost requirement is to have an advanced language proficiency so that you can understand the context and meaning of the text and translate the source text to the native language. This can only be achieved by having knowledge of grammar, various writing styles and knowing all subtle nuances to translate in an accurate manner

  1. In-depth cultural knowledge of both languages:

This is important to make the translated text more culture appropriate and avoid translation errors that may arise due to differences in culture and ethnicity.

  1. Sound research skills:

There is a lot of research that goes behind any translation work. You need to understand various terminologies and local concepts to dig deep into the concepts of translation and hone your skills.

  1. Computing and CAT skills:

This is one of the must have translation skills for which you will require proficiency in various office programs and CAT tools available in order to carry out your task of translation.

  1. Management and Organizational skills:

You need to have great time management and pragmatic planning skills to deliver your translations in time. Good cognitive abilities and analytical skills will help you to get an effective translation project management.

If you are looking to boost your productivity and quality of translations, then you must invest in the right translation tools. To get the job done efficiently, here are few tools available online that can help you in managing time better, hence, increase your overall productivity:

  1. Smartcat: Smartcat is one of the fastest-growing cloud-based software translation solutions. It offers a comprehensive free translation by allowing the translator, editor, and others to work and collaborate in real-time. It also comes with additional paid features and supports multilingual translation memories. Smartcat can indicate the correct translation effectively and can be operated easily by translators who are new to the field of translation.
  2. OmegaT: OmegaT is a free, open-source translation tool with many useful features such as translation memory and glossary matching. It is easy to set up and use, ensuring better integrity and cost-effectiveness.
  3. MemoQ: MemoQ is a translation software designed for freelancers and offers a number of powerful features. It is a paid and reliable translation software tool and helps to provide faster spell checks, glossary extraction, automatic saving and ensuring the right use of terminologies.
  4. WordFast: Wordfast is designed to improve the translation process, from translators to project managers. There are two versions of Wordfast; Wordfast Classic (supports word doc) and Wordfast Pro(supports all formats). Wordfast is a paid tool with various features such as spell check and translation memory and comes with a 30-day trial with limited features.
  5. Déjà Vu: Déjà Vu is a complete and reliable translation tool, offering database-supported translation. This translation tool supports many file formats and helps to achieve better and quicker terminology searches. This is one of the most compatible CAT tools with unmatched file compatibility and advanced termbase administration.
  6. Across: Across is a comprehensive desktop CAT tool and has diverse configuration options. The software is intuitive and easy to use and provides systematic translations. It also comes with a free online version with basic features and a chargeable premium variant.

The above Advanced Translation Tools have been developed for translators to deliver quality and precise translations and to reduce their workload. If you are trying to get your translation job done from professional and native translators then you can contact LanguageNoBar is a document translation company in India offering translation of all types of documents across languages and domains. With a team of 10000+ industry expert translators and reviewers, you can be assured to receive the highest quality translation at a rapid turnaround time.

The selection of any translation software tool will be dependent on the preferences and the budget of any translator. Together with the required skills, translation tools will help you in unlocking translation productivity and will provide you with a seamless translation experience!

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