Women’s love for purses is unconditional. They are essential, personality enhancers, and everything that women adore in their everyday look. But somehow, with a blink of an eye, the handbag turns into an endless pit where it becomes impossible to find a single thing in a hurry. If you always feel overwhelmed the moment you start organizing your purse, then a handbag organizer is just made for you to make both your life and style easier for you. A bag organizer is a perfect accessory to end all of the digging hassles in your purse so that you could actually find what you need at the moment in only a second or two.

The idea behind organizing your purse with a bag organizer is to prevent your purse from regular clutter while elongating its life. Follow this guide step-by-step to organize your purse for good. It may take a little time of yours for the first time, but will be worth it.

  • Take everything out of the purse

To get started organizing your bag organizer, first take everything out of your purse. Go through every essential and personal belonging that you have been carrying around on your shoulder. Put them all on a clean surface and then make sure you have completely emptied your purse out. Make sure to check every pocket/compartment of the purse inside-out.

  • Clean the interior of the handbag

You rarely get the time to take everything out of your purse. The overwhelming thought of cleaning the purse clutter holds you back knowing the fact that merely cleaning the purse is not a permanent solution. But with a felt bag organizer, you can expect a big change in your organization skills.

For this, as mentioned above, you need to empty your purse. Now that you have taken out all of the items from your purse, use this rarely available opportunity to deep clean your handbag and shake it over the trash to get out all the loose debris, dust and crumbs. Use a cloth to clean all the crevices inside-out and upside down.

  • Declutter your belongings by category

A fast, easy way to declutter your personal belongings like cosmetics, tissues, and essential items like credit cards, receipts is to sift through them by type. Before putting your essentials inside the handbag organizer, you need to separate them according to your requirements, necessity, and dependence. For instance, if you use lip balm or moisturizer after every two hours, then you need to keep it in priority, so you can allot it a special place (in the next step) inside the organizer that is close to your eyes or reach.

  • Sort and organize everything

Keep all of your loose change, sunglasses, toiletries, keys, cosmetics, paper, etc. into one side. Then one by one separate similar item and place them together as per the need like lose money you may need at any time so give it the priority. Basically, you need to pile up similar items into one category, so you can easily find them without a need to take out everything outside the purse unnecessary.

  • Identify your most used items and put them inside the felt bag organizer

Take a look at your small piles now. Keep only the things that you need while traveling- belongings that are really essential and add value to your regular life. Despite having sufficient space inside the felt bag organizer, it will also have the capacity to store items inside. If your bag organizer is full, instead of storing items, ask yourself if you actually need to carry all those rarely used items or there’ll be no such big issue if you avoid them. Keep only the important things with you, don’t try to over-fill it as it may only hurt your shoulder, after all, you have to carry your purse.

Finally, if you see inside your bag organizer, you may proud yourself knowing that you have really done a good job. Once organized, it will stay organized until you want to change or exchange the place of your belongings. Therefore, it goes without saying that for purse organization, a felt handbag organizer is the best accessory. 

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