How to Provide a Kid’s Friendly Space in a Café

The trend in cafes started with the intention of having a good place to relax with your friends while sipping on your favorite beverages. However, why should only teenagers and above have all the fun?

A lot of children friendly cafes have been made over time to increase the variety coming to the restaurant i.e a lots of Kids-Friendly Cafes in KL. Now how do we spot which café offers a suitable environment for your child?

Seating Space

The most comfortable yet safe seating environment for a child would definitely be indoors. Parents can keep an eye on their kid while he or she explores the café as a whole. There is no danger of anyone harming the children nor is there a danger of the child running away on his own.

Children should have higher but smaller chairs compared to adults so that they fit in and reach the table as well. This way they wouldn’t have to stretch to reach their food and can eat comfortably. The parents won’t worry as well since the chair is inescapable for the kid.


A lot of food consumed by adults is rather disliked by children. They tend to react badly towards bitter or sour food. Their taste buds are used to soft and bland food instead of crispy or spicy food. This problem should be confronted by the restaurant by adding a variety of easy to eat food in a kid’s corner. They should be cheaper and less in quantity so that no food is wasted since kids do not eat a lot.

A child’s immunity system is far weaker than that of adults. This is why the staff needs to be extra careful and hygienic while preparing meals for youngsters.  Using plastic ware is always better when serving food for kids.

Play Place

Play places inside restaurants are the only places parents can leave their children worry-free since it is free from any types of dangers and the staff is always on the lookout for children. The play places should consist of short slides, ball pits, and a trampoline. The floor should also be carpeted with foam. A variety of options to play with keeps your child engaged and they don’t get bored easily,

Play areas would obviously have children other than yours. This is why if your child is sick; try to not send to such public spaces as it may be harmful to others. Make sure your kids wash their hands thoroughly after coming back from the game zones.


The best way to make sure that the only people in the café are families is by setting the timings from what time would children be permitted inside till what time. Cafes tend to be places where teenagers and adults hangout evening and night times. Their company near kids do not put a good impression on children which is why setting times for kids is important.

Setting times are also better for parents so that they do keep their children outside of their homes for longer times on school nights and such.

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