10 Easiest and Innovative Recipes to make your mother feel proud of you on this Mother’s Day

There can’t be any better gift for an Indian mother than her children cooking her meal. You don’t have be a gourmet chef to impress your mother; a simple dish and effort from will make her happy. However, we have listed a few simple recipes to make sure that you and your mother are actually able to eat it. Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you should be prepping from today to surprise your first love on her special day.

  1. Apple Pancake Pie Rolls

This is a tasty breakfast recipe, which is quick and easy to make. It features tasty buttermilk pancakes wrapped over perfect slices of warm apple pies. You can have some blast mixing the pancake batter, rolling all the sweetness of apple pie, and adding abundance of love, serving this to your mother as a breakfast. Make this Mother’s Day 2017 a special one for your family by starting off with sweet deliciousness.

  1. Chipotle Mango Meatballs

Summers are already here, and so are mangoes. Spend some quality time with family and select a movie of your mother’s choice. Now let your mother relax and bring out these mango meatballs. Use some crushed meat and wrap it around some batter, adding slices according to your taste. Decorate it with a small piece of mango. This is the perfect snack that you can serve with mint and barbecue sauce. This can be a hit recipe for Mother’s Day 2017.

  1. Easy Carrot Cake

This carrot cake will definitely impress your mother, which is filled with fresh fruits, spices and vegetables. Chop some carrots, add some eggs and fill it with nuts and sugar and you will have the best cake ever. This is a simple recipe which can be pulled off by any new cook. Mother’s Day 2017, is going to be the best day for your mother if you try this out.

  1. Baked Dippy Eggs

This is easy fun recipe that only requires bread loafs, eggs and a few spices. It can easily be prepared by children above 10. Set your oven at 180 degree C, cut slices of ham and spinach, then add ramekin and squashed tomato juice on it. Separately break some eggs in a bowl then put it in a ramekin. Finish it grating some cheese on top of each egg. Keep the dishes in oven for 18 minutes. Make your mother proud on Mother’s Day 2017 by offering her this pleasant dish.

  1. Classic Maa Ki Daal (Makhani Dal)

Nothing can be better than the classic Dal Makhani, all you need is black dal, cream, yogurt and butter. It follows the basic recipe of preparing a dal, however you add a lot of cream and yogurt in it to give it a buttery feel. Ensure to fill the dish will lots of love before serving it to your mother. It is amongst the most popular Indian dishes, which is easy to prepare and tasty to have.  On Mother’s Day 2017 make it the new favorite dish for your mother.

  1. Paneer Tikka
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Are you one of those people who suck at cooking? But want to make something special for mother. Then this is the perfect recipe for you. All you need is some paneer, onion, tomatoes and capsicum and some chat masala. Chop all of these products into big chunks and add them to your tandoor or an oven. Keep it for 15 minutes and then dress the dish with chat masala and serve it with mint sauce. Surprise your beautiful mother, and make it the best Mother’s Day 2017.

  1. Masala Maggi

If you are like me and just want to make your mother smile, and ditch the kitchen for a day. This is the modern meal which can be made by anyone. Use this to your advantage and treat your mother and yourself without any extra effort. This will also ensure that you don’t cook something horribly bad, just to waste your efforts and order food from outside. This is an easy trick to have a fun Mother’s Day 2017. Later you can make reservations at a fancy place to pamper your mother.

  1. Mommy’s Omelet

Serve the perfect breakfast, with a vegetable filled omelet. You can add a little fancy aspect to the dish, by adding the chopped vegetables inside the omelet like a taco. These vegetables can consist of anything from beans to capsicum. Garnish the omelet with grated cheese and oregano. This Mother’s Day 2017, cooking is amongst the most popular idea to impress your mother.

  1. A Healthy Fresh Salad

Thank your mother, by serving her a refreshing fruit salad as morning breakfast. Impress her by making a healthy breakfast for the entire family. Take a pledge to adapt a healthier lifestyle this Mother’s Day 2017, and make your mother proud. Summer is already here, and markets are flooded with fresh fruits, from mango to watermelons, oranges and apples.

  1. Wraps

You require a couple wrap base, vegetables, egg, meat and mayo sauce. Chop some onions, tomatoes, capsicum and meat and cook it separately on a pan, adding salt and spices according to your taste. Now add butter to a pan and slightly cook your wraps. Now insert all the vegetables on the wrap and roll it. You can serve them as a breakfast roll or a lunch wrap. Mother’s Day 2017 is going to be most special day for your mother, looking at you cooking for her in the kitchen.


These are some of the easiest recipes that you can try, which will be loved by your family. You can just make Maggi, if you doubt your cooking skill and maybe if you feel confident you can try stuff like Dal Makhani and wrap. You can also add some extra meat if your mother likes non vegetarian. Just ensure that you have a backup plan in case you’re cooking session backfires. Make early dinner reservations for your mother, and take her to some fancy place.