4 Cool Things You Must Know about Dubai before Moving There

Dubai has been placed in the world map because of its economy and growing job market. This is why many skilled workers and professionals from different countries are moving to Dubai in hopes of better future. If you are one of the many people considering moving to Dubai for employment purposes, you should first learn more about this wonderful emirate in order to have a smoother transition.

The job market in Dubai continues to expand, which is why companies there are always looking for new talents and skills. If you want to take your experience and skills to the next level, then perhaps Dubai is your best and most practical choice. However, before you pack your bags, make sure that you are well aware of what Dubai has to offer.

While you are on the process of thinking of moving to UAE, you should give extra attention to certain factors in order for you to come up with sound and wise decision. Before you move, consider the following factors first:

Islam is Dubai’s official religion – While Dubai’s official religion is Islam, the emirate is well-known for having tolerance and respect to other religions. However, this does not mean that non-Muslims can be insensitive to people practicing Islam. Religion plays a vital role in Dubai’s culture. Mosques can be found in different parts of the emirate, which can be visited by non-Muslim tourists or workers. If you are in Dubai, make sure that you respect everyone regardless of their religion and you can expect to get back respect.

Dubai can be quite sensitive when it comes to fashion – Compared to other countries in the Middle East, UAE is remarkably more tolerant when it comes to the way people wear clothes. However, it is important for any individual to dress modestly, especially in conservative and public places like mosques. Wearing of swimwear is not frowned upon around the beach or swimming pool. Wearing of shorts and T-shirts is acceptable in many places but not in conservative areas including mosques, religious sites, and older part of the city.

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The food in Jumeirah Lake Towers is spectacular – JLT is one of the most iconic developments in Dubai. If you are after the best food in this part of the globe, then you should not miss a breakfast in JLT. The place prides in its world-class restaurants, catering services, and breakfast buffets. So, if you are a big breakfast person, then you need to indulge on the delicious and heavy breakfast in JLT. You will not regret it, for sure.

People in Dubai value courtesy and hospitality – Arabs are known for valuing courtesy and hospitality as they see these values very essential in their culture. Visitors in Dubai will surely feel the warm welcome by the locals. As it is, locals likewise expect the same courtesy they provide to foreign nationals. If you are invited to a mjlis, be courteous enough to remove your footwear before entering. If you are in a business meeting, accept the host’s food and beverage before talking about business. It is also common in Dubai to stand up for new guests and higher-ranking people. If you are male, you may want to stand up when a woman enters the room as a form of respect and courtesy.

Alcohol consumption is strictly regulated – Unlike in other countries, alcohol consumption is strictly regulated throughout UAE. If you want to consume alcohol, make sure to do it in a licensed bar, restaurant, hotel, or at home your home. Dubai police implements zero tolerance for drunk driving – even a sip of alcohol will mean stiff penalties.

It is extremely important to learn more about Dubai’s culture and its people in order to have easier time adjusting to the emirate if you wish to work there.

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