6 Really Healthy and Gluten-Free Cakes

Whoever says it that you can’t have a delicious cake when you are on a venture of losing pounds, they are really wrong! You don’t need to deprive yourself of having delicious cakes when you are trying your best to bring yourself back to a perfect shape as you have the option of gobbling up really lips-smacking healthy cakes. At the first glance, healthy cakes might seem like a bit of food oxymoron. But, just like the Jumbo Shrimps, they are definitely a real thing and delicious is the ultimate word that can define these cakes.

Now, there’s no point in claiming the fact that cakes are not the healthy foods. The truth is that cake will always be a great treat for all the dessert lovers and some cake recipes are really healthier than the others.

This article tells you about the collection of healthy cake recipes that represent some of the more virtuous ways that you can indulge in a delectable sweet treat.

  1. Three- Ingredients Peanut Butter Cake:

This particular cake comes together in minutes and requires only three ingredients- peanut butter, eggs, and sugar. The best part of baking this particular cake is that it comes out so much fancier with only three ingredients and it’s a perfect after dinner guilt-free dessert treat. It’s naturally free of gluten, filled with a high amount of protein and finally, it comes with a very less amount of sugar than any other layer cake recipes. You can just enjoy this cake without even worrying about adding unwanted calories to your body.

  1. Angel Food Cake:

With the combination of towering appearance and rich flavor, this cake decidedly lite dessert option for the health freaks. Unlike most of the traditional cake recipes, this cake doesn’t contain butter or oil and it only employees the whites of the eggs so you can realize the fact now that the cake is naturally free of fat. The eggs whites which are whipped for an extended amount of time to give the cake a perfect lift. This is the reason this particular cake is lofty in height and perfectly airy in texture, so you can have your heart’s content without giving a second thought.

  1. Fruit Cakes:

No, these are not the typical fruitcakes that come with loads of calories. These are the “Cakes” composed purely of fruits. These fresh fruit stacks may lack in butter and sugar but they perfectly make up for it in sweet and fancy flavor when beautifully cut and arranged to resemble layer cakes. No wonder these cakes are a vibrant and highly healthy way to eat the awesome desserts. You can easily order this cake from any reputed cake store..

  1. Naked Cake:

This cake is just not only a super stylish way to enjoy dessert but at the same time, it’s a smart way to make your dessert eating experience a little healthier. It’s true that this cake is made with the traditional ingredients like butter, eggs, flour but keeping the healthy factor in mind, a very minimal amount of icing is used on this cake.

  1. Nuts Cake Without Sugar and Flour:

In spite of its tender, spice cake like appearance, this cake actually doesn’t contain butter and sugar and flour. This cake is made with the three ingredients-nuts, honey, and eggs. The rich flavor of this cake is achieved from the honey and nuts while eggs are used for added richness. The combination of healthy fat and minimal use of added sweetener makes for a healthier dessert choice.

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Now, it’s time to enjoy each of these cake without breaking the workout diet routine.

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