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Today, almost everything under the sun now can be ordered online ranging from electronic products, fashion accessories, clothes, home products services as well as food .In the present era of advanced internet technology Ecatering IRCTC services offers one of the best and most lucrative options for delivering all types of fresh and hygienic food efficiently on train .

Millions of people travel each day across the country by train in India In this era, e catering Ecatering IRCTC has revolutionised the way people are travelling and getting food. The country has witnessed a dynamic growth and major improvements in terms of travelling via the prestigious Indian railways.

Needs for fresh and hygienic foods is met by E-catering IRCTC

There is a colossal escalation of rail traffic. The need for clean and hygienic foods is one of the main concerns for the people travelling by train. In addition, there are lot of restaurants that delivers food in train. There are a galore of unique and mouth-watering food in varied cuisines be it south Indian, Rajasthani, North Indian, Hyderabadi or street food. There are numerous recipes and thus endless options and choices. Earlier people used to carry food from home. The local vendors at the stations sold snack items and other street food .Unfortunately the food was not prepared in clean and hygienic manner. Increased incidences were continually reported of food adulteration and thus people had to face lot of inconvenience while travelling. Thus, people started refraining from getting food from the local vendors and preferred packed items. However, in long stretches of travelling everyone wanted to eat hot and fresh food.

Food On Track
E-catering IRCTC create a unique platform

Understanding the intrinsic and basic needs of the travellers’ Indian railway consequently introduced an exceptional platform in order to deal with their food concerns. Making use of modern SMS system capabilities and rapidly advancing technology e-catering IRCTC was launched. It began with 39 pair of stations. Initially they covered limited number of stations only. However, it was seen that e-catering IRCTC services needed to expand their platform to cater to the ever-increasing food needs of the passengers. Realising this many private service providers have also sprung up across major stations in order to deliver food according to the traveller’s needs.

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E-Catering IRCTC services rightly comprehend the food needs of train passengers

Now people prefer to order food in train especially when the journey exceeds the travelling time of more than four hours. The train travellers depend on trusted E-Catering IRCTC service providers and order food of their preference from major food outlets, which come en route to their main destination station. Ordering meals on the wheels is now a convenient option with passengers

Expanding Scope of E-Catering IRCTC services:

The catering services span through the different states in India. They are continually growing as a chain of trusted and dependable food vendors. Reliable E-catering partners are listed on  their web portal. Travellers enjoy the facility to order the food by visiting the IRCTC E-Catering user interface

Ordering food to E-Catering IRCTC services Providers is a simple process:

There are some simple steps, which the travellers can follow while ordering food in train:

  • Enter the PNR number in the required field. You can also enter the train number info in this field.
  • You will be offered with a list of food options and you can chose to start ordering as per your needs.
  • For payment, you can opt to either pre-pay or go for COD (cash on delivery) options. Prepaid food orders comes with unique discount benefits.

E-Catering IRCTC services Providers make sure that the food is delivered as per their orders. Choosing the best quality food in train can really make your journey a cherished and worthwhile experience

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