Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in the Food Industry

Fiera Foods

There has been no dearth of start-up companies now. However, one can notice the clear lacunae of women-managed enterprises. It is unfortunate to see how, every year, innumerable talented girls simply tend to wither away. This is why, certain enterprises are voluntarily taking up the task to partially, or wholly fund enterprises. The food industries in Ontario, Canada, in particular, are supporting the cause so that the girl power plays a prominent role in the ever-innovative food industry.

The Food Industry and Women

The harsh reality is, women remain highly under-represented in the industries like food manufacturing. Boris Serebryant, the CEO and President of Fiera Foods, for example, after regular interactions with their clients, partners, as well as with the existing employees have concluded that women can excellently lead in the food and beverage industry. His peers in the industry have also recognized the potential, and thus trying in their ways to create an all-inclusive environment for aspiring young entrepreneurs in the industry. Also, forward-thinking CEOs like Mr. Serebyrant are planning for incentives like providing a grant to buy necessary supplies to order required food ingredients, as well as to purchase advanced equipment, and also to manage marketing costs. However, start-ups availing the opportunity needs to be at least 51% women-owned, as well as women led. It also needs to be a revenue-positive enterprise and registered for a profit-making, yet social cause.

Fiera Foods

Doctors often prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection after a surgery. Here it is important to understand that antibiotics not only kill bad bacteria but also decimate good bacteria that stay in our digestive tract. These bacteria not only help us with digestion but they also play a key role in keeping the immune system functioning and manufacturing vitamins.

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In that time, patients need to feed 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per kg of their body weight. It means now the same person needs to consume around 90 to 120 gram of protein every day during the recovery period. Some of the best sources of lean protein are eggs, turkey, legumes, fish and beans. Whey protein is also a great solution for boosting the protein intake in your body.

In a situation like this, you can boost the functionality of digestive system by taking dairy products like yogurt or kefir. Doctors always suggest their patients to have kefir after undergoing a surgery because it contains 8 to 12 species of 10 billion active bacteria. In fact, yogurt also provides a lower count of good bacteria. It is always suggested to check the label and ensure that the product does not contain a high amount of calorie whenever you are buying yogurt or kefir.

About NAFTA and Labor Mobility

Amidst the growing tension with the new labor policy of the USA and the latest provisions of the North American Free-Trade Agreements or NAFTA, Canada recommends for some change, so does the industry. Though the current professional sections of the NAFTA allows for easy visas for various jobs- most of them reflect the economic scenario of the early nineties. There is hardly any reference to the digital jobs. The ladies working to set-up their start-up food businesses might take the opportunity and hire some talented refugee ladies, who can stir in their innovations to make the company shine even more.

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