A way to monitor your healthy lifestyle

healthyIn recent times of cut throat competition, target chasing and performance pressure the work life of almost every other individual is hectic. Adding to that is the sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits. A quick rescue for hunger pang with everyone is the fast food. These habits and lifestyle imperfections add up to stress, toxins and ailments in a human body. In ancient times, there were hardly any diseases taking a toll on the health of people. But with the passage of time we see no one is completely healthy or free from diseases.

The blood pressure and its significance:

A very common disease that trouble mankind is of blood pressure. Blood pressure represents the measurement of the force of blood in an artery. Few people suffer from high blood pressure while others suffer from low blood pressure. Both the cases are not good for the health of a person and have their ill effects on the person. A person with high blood pressure can suffer from dizziness, imbalance and heart stroke or haemorrhage. Similarly, a person with low blood pressure can faint or feel drowsy.

Keep a check:

Both cases have their own medications and remedies. But to follow the medications or remedy, one should be aware of their pressure and needs to have a check on it. Previously it was difficult to monitor the blood pressure as one would require seeing the doctor in order to get their pressure checked. But with advancement there came the portable blood pressure monitors, which can be housed and used whenever required. These monitors help you keep a check on your pressure so that one can treat it with medicine or remedies without delay and being prey to serious health hazards.

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Most people use a portable machine to measure the blood pressure at home. The device has a cuff that inflates around the upper arm. It temporarily stops the flow of blood in an artery. As per the system the air is slowly released from the cuff and as per it, the device records the pressure at which blood starts to flow again. The blood pressure in recorded in 2 measurements systolic and diastolic pressure. As per this device, the systolic pressure displays the peak blood pressure that occurs when theheartcontracts while the diastolic pressure represents the lowest pressure that occurs when the heart relaxes between the beats.

Automatic monitors are battery operated that use a microphone to detect blood flow in an artery. There are few more advanced monitors which measure BP from fingers. However, it is said that these automatic devices do not provide accurate results and are for reference purpose only. One can get accurate results from the manually operated monitor found with doctors known as a sphygmomanometer. However, these automatic monitors can be kept at home to get approximate results, and if alarming, the doctor can be consulted.

One can also buy monitors online as there is a wide array of options available to select. One can choose the best blood pressure monitor in India by comparing the prices, features, benefits, warranty and other qualitative factors to make the most out of money they are going to spend.