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In the present world, enough awareness has already been created about the ill effects of smoking. People, therefore, have turned to a new form of taking in nicotine or other similar narcotic drugs through vaping. It is considered a safe method of inhaling vapors of liquid compounds because combustion is not occurring in vaping. However, if health is to be considered, then one should be aware that vaping addictive drugs are equally damaging. The damage might not surface quickly or might not be as profound as in the case of cigarette smoking, but it will surely create dependence. If a person wishes to relax but doesn’t want to become the slave of a drug due to dependence then looking for healthier alternatives is vital.

The most common component of vaping cartridges

Vaping has been regarded as an alternative to smoking. When people smoke typical cigarettes, then the compounds are burned, and the smoke pollutes the environment and also causes passive smoking for people who are sitting or standing near the smoking person. The person who is smoking is also irritating the lining of the lungs and nostrils by inhaling the smoke. In many cases eyes are also irritated by smoke. The teeth and nails of a chain smoker become yellow due to the deposit of nicotine when puffs are drawn from conventional cigarettes.

As a solution to all these problems vaping tools was introduced,that will allow cartridges filled with liquid nicotine to be vaped. The vapors do not have an irritating effect as compared to the thick cloud of smoke released during smoking. Hence, liquidized nicotine along with an array of flavors was packed into cartridges which were used for smoking. The presence of flavors masked the taste of nicotine and allowed people to choose their favorite flavor for vaping purposes. The cartridges were filled with a varying amount of nicotine which provided users with the option of reducing the intake of nicotine. However, the addiction caused by nicotine raised concerns regarding the use of vaping cartridges with nicotine e-liquids.

The production of vaping pods having non-narcotic compounds

The main task of manufactures of vaping pods was to come up with an e-juice that will not have any narcotic effect and hence won’t affect the health of a person in an adverse manner. The need for using a non-addictive compound led manufacturers to extract a compound from marijuana. Marijuana is very addictive, and the THC content is quite high which is why it is used for the creation of psychotropic drugs. However, Cannabidiol which is extracted from the male plants doesn’t have this portent psychotropic component THC. The amount of THC in Cannabidiol is very low, and so it doesn’t create the psychoactive effect that is caused by marijuana. However, relaxation and pain relief is often achieved through the use of CBD or Cannabidiol. Due to this property of CBD, tinctures, and oils for topical applications have been in use. Even in medicines, CBD is used for reducing stress and anxiety.

The benefit of Cannabidiol urged vape pod manufacturers to come up with CBDvape pods which contained a liquid form of CBD. The vaping of this Liquid delivered vapors of CBD to the body and induced a relaxing effect but not any narcotic effect on the brain. As dependence issues are not caused by CBD, so the problem of withdrawal is also not present. When vapors of CBD enter the body, then the soothing effect of the CBD compound is felt, and a calming sensation follows. People often turn to a form of addiction to reduce stress and strain. Most people claim that smoking or vaping nicotine soothes their jangled nerves. However, with the soothing effect one has to face the brunt of addiction and a host of allied health problems however when the same soothing effect is felt by vaping CBD then no negative consequences are there. Therefore, most manufacturers are trying to produce pods of CBD that will allow users to vape this compound by using it in an e-cigarette device.

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The need for researching before choosing to purchase vape pods

In the market, there are a huge number of companies and websites that claim to sell quality vape pods. The taste of a CBD pod differs from person to person. Some people claim that it has an earthy taste while others term the taste of the vapors as grassy. The presence of flavoring agents also alters the taste of the CBD pod, but if the pod doesn’t contain the liquid form of the compound, then the vaping experience will turn into a nightmare. There are many norms in place when it comes to the cultivation of hemp and extraction of CBD, but even then, many companies do not distinguish the CBD oil from the CBD vaping liquid. There is a marked difference as the oil of CBD prepared by mixing the powder like CBD particles with suitable oil, but when CBD is to be vaped, then the consistency of the compound has to be different and approved thinningcompoundshave to be used for turning the oil into a vaping liquid. If the liquid is not homogeneous then it will deliver different amounts of CBD per vape which will not at all be a comfortable experience for the user.  A few things which should be kept in mind while selecting a particular brand for purchasing pods include the following:

  • The reputation of the vape pod manufacturing company in the market.
  • The number of years that have elapsed since the establishment of the company.
  • The presence of positive customer feedback on the company’s website as well as in other review forums.
  • The law-abiding selling criteria of vape pods by the company.

Hence, it can be understood that vaping is becoming potentially safer with the introduction of pods containing non-narcotic e-liquids. However, it is important to purchase pods and vaping devices from known companies or brands because poor quality products are also present in the market which causes more harm than good.

Author Bio: Anthony Karen is a health expert who has been running many health seminars and public discussions. She also manages her blog and reviews the health-related details provided by authentic sources.

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