At What Cost Is It Possible to Avail Lumbar Decompression Treatment in India?


Lumbar Decompression is the effective surgery used for the treatment of the compressed nerves in the lower back. The surgery is the last option for those who do not receive any considerable improvement with the help of non-surgical treatment options like physiotherapy and medications.

The treatment is often expensive in most of the countries offering the cure of the disorder. At the same time, Lumbar Decompression Surgery Cost in India costs USD 4,500. You can save 40 to 50 % of the overall expenses you would do in any other country apart from India.

In What Conditions Lumbar Decompression Surgery is Helpful?

There are numerous causes and signs of the compression of the spinal nerves, that require Lumbar decompression surgery. The surgery is often helpful in the conditions like:

  • Slipped Disc:

In this situation, the patient suffers from considerable pain in the lower back. The reason for this spinal condition is damage of the spinal disc, that put excessive pressure on the underlying nerves.

  • Spinal Stenosis:

The human spinal column has a predefined gap between the spinal nerves. It is essential to maintain the healthy condition of the spine. During the spinal stenosis, the gap in the spinal column reducing considerably. The narrowing of the spinal column leads to excessive pressure on the internal nerves, resulting in extreme pain and inability to perform the regular tasks.

  • Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression:

It is a condition that strikes the body if you have cancer. The nature of such disease is that it spreads to the different parts of the body, and in the sequence, it strikes the spinal cord too. Usually, lung cancer is the root cause of spinal cancer. Spinal

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cancer results in considerable pressure on the spinal nerves, and it cannot be cured without the surgery.

  • Spinal Injuries:

Lumbar decompression treatment is helpful in yet another condition that is when a patient comes across spinal injuries. It may result into the spinal fracture or the swelling of the nerves, in both the cases, the person suffers considerable pain in the back. The rupture in such conditions can only be healed with Lumbar Decompression Surgery.

Lumbar Treatment Cost in India is so low that the patients suffering from lumbar disorders across the globe are travelling to the country to avail the benefits. Also, the patients get to receive the necessary assistance from few of the best medical tourism companies in India. So, the patient and the attendant never face any problem in getting the treatment in a foreign country.

Final Words:

In case you or someone in your family is suffering from lumbar disorders, making it difficult for you to perform your day to day tasks, then you can visit India to get the cure. The doctors in India are highly experienced and have a success rate of 95% in performing surgeries without any complications. So, without making further delay, that may result in the worsening of your situation book your appointment with top surgeons of India now.

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