Best Anabolic Agents To Help Build The Body

Some anabolic agents, which are known to help patients with a weak body, are also the best anabolics to help build the body. For this purpose, they are also approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These health booster drugs are available in the injectable as well as the tablet format.

The positive effects of powerful anabolic agent

Certain steroids are used as anabolics for assisting people in their cutting cycle. Many athletes and bodybuilders use them along with the other performance booster drugs or stack them. These performance enhancing drugs are taken in an effort to decrease the retention of water in the body. The moment the anabolic agent cycle gets over, the prevention of the retention of water in the body also stops. You should not take this health booster drug in the recommended cycles of not greater than 6 weeks in order to prevent the toxicity of the liver. If you are a male, you should not take in dosages of more than 0.5 to 1.5 milligrams per kilogram. Women should, on the other hand, take not more than 5 to 10 milligrams of the health booster drugs per day. The health booster drugs are popular because of their ability to increase the synthesis of the proteins in the body.

The side-effects and safety of using the anabolic agent

One of the primary side-effects of the consuming the anabolic agent is hepatotoxicity. The symptoms of hepatotoxicity include discoloration of the eyes, darkening of the urine and abdominal pain. If you are pregnant, have the possibility of getting pregnant or are lactating, then you should not use this anabolic agent. Some other side-effects of using this anabolic agent include hair loss or male pattern baldness, acne, aggression, nausea, clitoral hypertrophy in women, and an increase in the blood pressure. It is, however, recommended that you take the performance enhancing drug only after consulting your physician. You can take them without taking in food prior to consuming them or even after taking in food. You should take them regularly in order to be able to see results. When you take these fitness booster drugs, you should have your physician assess your progress.

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Benefits of the health booster drug for the cutting cycle

The best bodybuilding supplements are those that can be used both in the bulking as well as the cutting cycle to decrease weight while gaining muscle mass. Some fitness boosting drugs can be used to prevent the retention of water in the body while helping you gain muscle mass. But what about bulking up and gains in the muscle mass during your off-season? Some anabolic agents are less effective when it comes to helping you with these. They are mostly used in the cutting cycle because of their ability to retain water in the body. They are not recommended in the bulking cycle because of the possibility of them causing hepatotoxicity or the toxicity of the liver. They are, however, used by many athletes and bodybuilders to trim fat while retaining the muscle weight.

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