Bone Cancer: Know the different types

Bone Cancer

People in millions across the globe are affected by a dangerous disease called cancer. It is not actually a single disease, but is of various types, like the breast, brain, bladder, blood, lung, pancreatic, colorectal, ovarian, cervical, skin, kidney, esophageal, uterine, liver, thyroid, etc. This disease is said to take place as cells tend to develop out of control and outgrows the normal cells present in the human body. It might affect any body party. The person getting affected by this disease is likely to find carrying out normal life to be tough. If not diagnosed during the early stage, saving the patient’s life can become almost negligible. However, with proper treatment, this dangerous disease can be treated to help the person to lead normal life.

Cancer cells

New cells will be created as cancer cells gets out of control, thus infecting the regular cells, creating problems in that body part, where cancer growth initiated. But with time, it might spread to the other body parts, if left neglected. The best bone cancer hospital in India can help the person to eliminate this disease and to get second lease of life.

How cancers are different?

Few cancer types are noticed to grow well and also spread quickly to the other body parts, while the other cancer types grow slowly. As a matter of fact, the treatment procedures may respond in different ways. Some cancer types can be provided with proper treatment with the help of surgical options and others respond to drugs known as chemotherapy. The knowledgeable and experienced physician will first examine the patient thoroughly by conducting different types of tests and accordingly diagnose the cancer type and provide proper medication.

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Bone cancer

It includes primary and secondary type. The primary type takes place within the bone and the secondary type starts at any place in the body, only to spread to the bone region.


  • Osteosarcoma: It is also known as Osteogenic Sarcoma and a common bone type that begins in the bone cells of legs and arms. It also occurs quite frequently in people between age 10 & 30 and is found to be common in males than females.
  • Ewing Tumor: Also called Ewing’s sarcoma, develops in the bone region, but might also affect in other tissues and muscles. This bone cancer type is the other commonly occurring primacy boney cancer type, infecting adolescents and children.
  • Chondrosarcoma: It starts in the cartilage cells and is another common type that rarely occurs among people below 20 years of age.
  • Chordoma tumor: It affects the bones present in the spinal region as well as the skull base. It occurs mostly in adults and men in particular who are 30 years and above. This tumor type grows slowly and is of low risk to spread to the different body parts. However, without proper surgical removal, it might return to its original state, thus spreading to liver and lungs.

The above are just few of the bone cancer types affecting humans that can be provided proper treatment at the famous bone cancer hospital in India.


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