Can You Really Build Muscle in 15 Days?

Beginners who are entering the gym for the first time concentrate more on increasing the size. This is good if you want to do it in a defined period of time, which will not bring your body under pressure. But the condition is not so simple because most of the beginners like to increase their size in 15 days or a month. This is actually unachievable and in order to achieve this they work hard continuously for long hours in the gym. This brings their body under pressure and instead of gaining muscle mass, they lose some weight. Losing weight is good when you are burning your fat, but it is not acceptable when you are losing your muscles.

Avoid Cardio

Your body requires good amount of protein and calories to build muscle. If you are concentrating too much on running or doing cardiovascular exercises, then you are burning more calories. How much time you will spend on cardiovascular exercise depends on the kind of physical you want to achieve? If you want to build muscle, then it is advised to do cardio for 2 to 5 minutes only. This is for warming up your body and then focus on the weight training. If you want to get more information on health products you can learn more at Nootriment.

Build Muscles

Gain Muscle the Right Way

You cannot grow bigger in a month by lifting heavy weights or consuming health products to enhance your muscle growth. The people you see in the bodybuilding ads, they have not achieved this physique in a month. It is the reward of working hard with dedication and consistency for years.

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If you spend a good week working out in the gym and consume the right diet with an adequate amount of rest, then definitely, you can gain 1 pound of muscle per week.


As they say, if you want to gain 1 pound of muscle you have to consume at least 3500 calories extra. The achievable rate of muscle gain is 1 to 2 pounds of weight per week and to achieve this you need to consume 1000 calories extra every day. Protein is required for the successful functioning of different body organs as well and enhancing the muscle mass. Consume healthy protein and healthy fat to get desired results. You can consume chicken breast, beef, healthy carbohydrates, sweet potatoes and avocados.

Health Products

You want to get the professional look, and then it is imperative on your part to consult your physician and take muscle building products. There are several products, which are responsible to increase anabolic as well as metabolic rate. They can improve your mood and concentration. You can take protein shakes and other health products to increase the muscle size. Do you want to get detailed information about health products? You can learn more at Nootriment, they have product reviews for a better understanding.


In the beginning most of the bodybuilders don’t understand the power of resting. But it is essential to understand that your body needs the proper amount of rest in order to recuperate.