Common Health Diseases of Ducks You Need to Know About

Duck disease

Keeping your duck healthy is completely dependent on you and you need to take all the steps that are necessary for preventing the disease outbreaks. In case if your duck becomes infected, it is crucial that you administer proper treatments so that morbidity and mortality can be minimized. However, you can only prevent diseases if you have a proper idea about the kinds of diseases that are known to affect the ducks. Given below is a list of the common health diseases that you have to know about.

Duck virus hepatitis

This is one of the most contagious diseases, which is known to affect the young ducklings that are within 1-28 days of age, as stated by A duckling is more susceptible when it is young, but starts growing resistance when it grows up. This disease is not spotted in the ducklings that are above 4 weeks. However, you need to know that the onset of this disease is rapid and it is going to spread quickly through the entire flock and can cause 90% mortality. In order to prevent this disease, you have to keep the different age groups separated and also vaccinate the ducks with attenuated virus duck hepatitis vaccine.

Duck plague

Duck plague is one of the fatal diseases, which is caused by the herpes virus. This disease is going to affect the already matured ducks, but it can also affect the young ducks. The birds that are affected are known to show sluggishness and ruffled feathers, which can also be bloodstained. In order to prevent this deadly disease, you have to vaccinate your ducks with the live duck virus enteritis vaccine. You can shop Elisa duck kits to check if your ducks are affected.

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Avian cholera

Avian cholera, which is also known as fowl cholera, is known to be caused by Pasteurella multocidabacteria. It is one of the most important diseases of the domestic ducks and is prevalent in certain parts of Asia. This deadly disease is known to be associated with poor sanitation. The symptoms are the loss of appetite, diarrhea, discharge of mucus from the mouth, and labored breathing in case of the breeder ducks. This disease can be prevented by practicing proper sanitation.


This is a common infection of the ducks, which is known to be caused by Escherichia coli, which is responsible for causing reduced hatchability, septicemia, salpingitis, as well as peritonitis. For preventing this disease, it is important that you practice proper sanitation.


This condition is caused when the ducks tend to inhale the spores that are produced by Aspergillus, which grow on the damp straw. These spores are responsible for causing plaques or multiple nodules within the lungs. The common signs are known to include, dehydration, and gasping. In order to prevent this disease, you have to avoid making use of moldy straw.

Conclusion Without knowing the diseases that can affect your ducks, it is impossible to follow any preventive measure. Ensure that you educate yourself on the diseases that have been mentioned above so that you can take the necessary steps.

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