How to Cure Dandruff Permanently With Home Remedies? Ketomac Has the Answer

Dandruff can really be a stubborn and permanent problem if not taken care of on time. There are plenty of medicated remedies available that can reduce symptoms and provide relief but these also come with their share of side effects. So it is always a wise decision to not fall for those. How? Embrace the natural remedies. Alike the medicated one, there are also an ocean of natural remedies that can cure dandruff forever.

How to cure dandruff permanently? the next time you start seeing dead cells and flakes on the head and hair, give these following natural remedies a try

Use apple cider vinegar

Make this magic potion your best friend. If you are facing immense problem of dandruff, itchy scalp and dead skin cells on the hair and scalp, vinegar is the solution. This amazing acid balances the pH of the scalp to reduce the growth of fungus causing dandruff and does wonders to the hair. Wash your hair with the mixture of equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water after shampooing. Dandruff will reduce from the very first wash. The acidity of ACV is believed to help stimulate the shedding of dead skin cells on the scalp.

Apply coconut oil on your hair

It is believed that if you have dandruff, you should not apply oil on your hair. Even if you do, you should not keep the oil for longer, otherwise dandruff issue would aggravate. Don’t be afraid of these and swear by coconut oil if you are suffering from dandruff and flakes. Heat coconut oil as per the length of your hair, add a few drops of lemon juice in it, and apply the mixture. Keep this for an hour and wash hair with a mild shampoo, consider ketomac anti dandruff shampoo here. The citric acid present in lemon fights with the dandruff causing fungus. Coconut oil is also rich in anti- fungal properties that keep the scalp moisturised.

Curd and fenugreek anti- dandruff pack

Fenugreek is being used for good hair health for hundreds of years now. Add this awesome seed in your hair care routine to get rid of dandruff. Mix fenugreek paste and homemade curd and make a hair pack out of it. Curd is rich in anti- fungal properties, and can calm down the sensations and itchiness of the scalp from the very first use. While fenugreek paste work on cleaning the scalp and the dead skin cells thoroughly, which otherwise would have resulted into visible flakes and bad hair issues.

Never skip shampooing

Hygiene plays an important role in keeping your scalp dandruff free. While this is not exactly a home remedy, this is a habit to get rid of the stubborn dandruff issues. if you have stooped shampooing your hair fearing that it would dry your scalp more and the problem aggravate, it’s not. Instead shampooing your hair on alternative days can effectively work on accumulation of dead cells and oil on the scalp, making it a fresh and clean place.

Use these remedies at home to maximize treatment effectiveness to cure dandruff.

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