Daily Ayurvedic products for health benefits

Ayurveda has been practiced in India for centuries now. There are plenty of herbs that are included in Ayurveda and they are all beneficial in one way or the other. One can use them as a medicine and as aromatherapy as well.

There are some top Ayurvedic products in India which one can use on a regular basis so that they get benefited from them in every possible way.

Here are some ingredients that one can use daily:


This is not only a nerve stimulant but also a very strong digestive thing. This can aid in weight loss and can also extract out some deep rooted toxins from the body. This herb can also heal joints that are ailing and it can solve all the Vata problems. One can boil a tea spoon of ajwain seed in some water and then drink it to get the best results.


It works really well as an anti ageing herb. They can enhance vitality and this herb is very much crucial for people who have a lot of stress and needs some relaxation. One can take half a tea spoon of this herb and then cook it with milk and raw honey. Then one can drink it and they can reach deep to the tissues and cells to produce better results.


Everyone has heard about Brahmi tonic because they are very good for nervous system and brain functioning. They also help in keeping the balance of both the left and right side of the brain. They are also said to be very much beneficial to balance the high Pitta condition in a human body. Brahmi removes blockages and other toxins from the nervous system. Thus, not only enhances intelligences but also helps one to deal with depression. One can take it every morning so that they can rejuvenate the body and mind. One can take them as tea like boiling the leaves or make a Brahmi ghee out of it.

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This is an absolutely natural tranquilizer and it can bring clarity to the mind and heart. This can also neutralise the acidity created by caffeine or coffee in a human body. When one intakes cardamom on a regular basis then it can remove the Kapha from the lungs and stomach. One can boil cardamom in warm milk and have it before going to bed at night.


They can not only enhance the digestive system but also aids in metabolism. This can help the human body to absorb more nutrients. They are really beneficial for a pregnant woman because it cleanses the reproductive organs really well and also improves the milk secretion.


It can rejuvenate all the system present in the human body and also reduces the level of acidity. This can calm the mind and body as well. One can add it in a brewing cup of tea as a sweetener and drink it. One can use Ayurvedic healthcare products on an everyday basis but it is better to consult a practitioner before doing it.