Do you exercise at home or in the gym?

Having an exercise routine is many a priority activity in your daily schedule. Know, if the place where you practice it is the right one.

No doubt exercising offers great bodily and mental benefits. Sport helps fight anxiety, avoids feelings of depression, reduces episodes of stress, improves sleep, increases energy for daily activities, benefits the joints and tones the body.

Doctors recommend exercising three times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes no matter what type of physical activity is performed. Thinking about their well-being, many people are encouraged to train.

But is it better to do it at home or go to a gym? shows you the pros and cons of training in both places.

Comfort vs. inexperience

These are the benefits of exercising at home, according to the personalized physical trainer, Federico Gómez Castiblanco:

-Facility. Having a gym at home optimizes time and decreases the possibility that due to tiredness or mobility problems, the routine is not met. Also, during peak hours sports centers have such a flow of people that it may be necessary to wait for an available machine. This does not happen at home.

-Privacy. It will train at your own pace, in a comfortable way and with the setting that you choose.

-Availability. You can exercise at any time and any day without a time limit and without excuses.

-Saving. No monthly payment or membership is paid. On the contrary, your money is invested in your own sports item, which enriches your own gym.

However, certain realities do not favor such as:

-Unlimited equipment. The limit of space and money do not allow to have the diversity of machines and elements necessary to carry out a suitable and diverse routine.

-Lack of knowledge. If you do not have a sports training or a minimum understanding of physical training, the routine used will not give the expected results and on the contrary, you can injure any part of the body, either by bad posture or a bad effort.

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-Interruptions. Pausing the exercise routine by attending the events that happen in the house is not recommended. Remember that continuity and intensity are essential to obtain good results.

Professionalism vs time

The physiotherapist, Ivon Porras Parra, from the University of Rosario, recommends attending specialized centers for the following reasons:

-Variety. The gyms have professional machines for training, strengthening and toning each part of the body. In addition, activities complementary to the exercise are offered such as dance classes, yoga, pilates, boxing, rowing, among others. This helps avoid falling into the routine, avoids getting bored and encourages consistency in the exercise.

– Qualified professional. The accompaniment and monitoring by a person who knows the subject is important at the time of training. That the routine is elaborated according to the needs and limitations of each person generates more successful results.

-Social relationships. The centers are also a space for social encounter and change of environment. Many people are motivated to go to the gym to meet with friends and feel accompanied in their physical conditioning.

-Maintenance. The machines that are at your service have a schedule of maintenance and constant revision, guaranteeing users the quality of the exercise they perform and avoiding accidents.

The truth is that it is at home best exercise or in a gym, the important thing is that you do not abandon your physical routine.
If neither of the two options satisfies you, the daily walk in parks or open places, since it continues and exceeds the aforementioned time, is an excellent option for health.

Likewise, some public parks are suitable with spaces conducive to exercise routines with panels explaining the use of tools.