What to Do for Healthy Hair and scalp?

Dry scalp dandruff shampoo

Dry scalp dandruff shampoo

Do you get irritated when your scalp gets itchy? Do you feel sad that your hair is rough and messy? You try everything but the itchiness is not eradicating? Come on, you have to think seriously about your hair and scalp. Once your hair is in good shape, you can do wonders with them. An itchy and dandruff packed head would give you tension and headaches only. Neither you would be able to wear different hairstyles or nor you would be able to feel confident about yourself. You can use some good products like Dry scalp dandruff shampoo and might find some prominent change in your hair and scalp. There are various things that you can do for a better scalp and effective hair. Have a look below:

Change your shampoo

Sometimes you use the shampoos that you have been using for years. Without giving much consideration, you bring the shampoo home and wash your hair with them. But are you really bothered about the ingredients and effectivity of the shampoo? Do you know what specific need the shampoo would fulfil?  Sometimes dandruff shampoo makes your scalp itchy and full of greasiness. If you are using a normal over the counter shampoo for beating these exclusive issues then you might end up with disappointments. If your scalp and hair are too oily to be dealt with then you must look for a dry scalp dandruff shampoo. It would create a soothing blend in your hair and scalp.

Rinse it properly

“Always finish the dandruff shampoo and conditioning session with cold water.  It gets important that you make sure that you rinse carefully and patiently. Make sure that all the shampoo gets extracted from your hair and there remains no shampoo foam in the hair. Sometimes people do wash the hair locks but fail to clean up the roots and the shampoo stays intact therein and leads to dryness and itchiness.

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The silicones

Remember that silicones never penetrate the skin, but these form a fence on your skin or hair that wedges the penetration of the other ingredients. Extensive use can burden hair and possibly suffocate your scalp it is certainly not great for the health of your hair and scalp. You might find silicones in many smoothing and straightening shampoos, serums and conditioners. Search   out for anyingredient ending with methicone.

Avoid wearing caps or scarfs for long

Make sure that you are not wearing caps for long. When you wear caps and scarfs for longer periods, these lead to itchiness, dryness and intense irritation in your hair.  You have to make sure that you are giving your hair some fresh air to breed on. You cannot keep them twisted, tight and cloaked throughout the days. It would only harm the quality and effectivity of your hair.You have to make sure that your hair is getting exposed to fresh air and nature for at least some time a day.


So, whether it is oiliness, itchiness or dandruff; you have specific shampoos to deal with these hair conditions. Use Ketomac anti dandruff shampoo as Dry scalp dandruff shampoo and eradicate these hair issues from your life.

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