How To Choose The Best Yoga Mat For Your Needs

Yoga is a fantastic activity which many people take up every year. It increases flexibility, posture and your general fitness. It is an activity that can be done regardless of what age you are and it is possible to start simply and gradually progress to the more difficult positions.

When you take up any new sport or hobby there are items which need to be purchased to ensure you can complete your chosen activity properly. Yoga needs very little to be done properly. It can be undertaken in any clothes and the only essential piece of equipment is a yoga mat. Best yoga mats are designed to provide support whilst you are in the various poses and to prevent you from slipping. There are many different mats on the market but before you purchase one it is important you consider your needs:

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Some mats are designed to absorb sweat and this will be vital if you are intending to maintain yoga positions for extended periods of time. It will be inevitable that you sweat and this will make most mats slippery. If you naturally sweat a lot then it will be an issue regardless of the yoga position. If either of these points is relevant then you should purchase a mat designed for this.


Yoga mats come in a variety of thicknesses. The thicker the mat the more comfortable it will be. Thicker, softer mats place less stress on your joints. However, thicker mats make it difficult to gain or maintain some of the poses and this could be an issue depending on the style of yoga you intend to do.

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An essential consideration is your budget. This is particularly true if you are new to yoga. Mats can be purchased for as little as $20, the top end ones are over $100. Many of the cheaper ones work just as well for beginners as the more expensive mats and may be the best starting point. This is especially true if you are likely to start yoga and then stop after a few weeks or months. Of course if you generally stick to an activity and feel that you will with yoga then it may be better to spend a little more and save yourself having to purchase a second mat in the future.


The internet is a fantastic place when it comes to looking at reviews for almost any product. Forums can be negative as it is often the people with negative experiences which write on them. Dedicated review sites such as will offer an unbiased view and an opportunity to see the names of many of the mats currently available.


Yoga can be practiced almost anywhere and this means you will want to be able to take your mat with you wherever you go. You should consider the weight of each mat and whether they have a carry case or handle to make travelling with them easy. You may be surprised how heavy and awkward a yoga mat can become when tucked under your arm.

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