Know the health benefits of vaping vs. smoking – Few points to keep in mind

Did you have any idea about the fact that your health could begin to improve immediately after you’ve smoked your last cigarette? Each and every day or week or month that you spend away from cigarettes can drastically improve your well-being and also your lifespan. But the hardest thing is to quit. Addiction to tobacco is the hardest habits to chuck off from your life but thankfully, these days there are brand new and cost-effective ways of ditching cigarettes. There are billions of people throughout the world who have made a conscious switch to vaping in order to regain normalcy. Here are few health benefits of vaping as placed against smoking.

#1: You’ll go through heightened oxygen levels hours after quitting

Within 8 hours of quitting smoking, your body will start getting rid of carbon monoxide which robs off the oxygen. It is almost like poison which moves into your body whenever you smoke tobacco cigarettes and it even lowers the oxygen level in your blood which is why smokers are less fit than the people who are non-smokers. Later when you quit, your body starts to recover and soon you can find yourself taking a flight of stairs.

#2: You can regain your taste and smell

In case you are a smoker for a long time now, you may have forgotten the fact that you are possibly not able to taste and smell things perfectly. Smoking can dull all your senses and hence if you are successful in quitting smoking, you can soon get back your smell and taste. The sensitivity of your nose and tongue will increase within 3 days of quitting smoking.

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#3: Your lungs can remove all toxins

Within few days, your lungs will tend to clean themselves with the help of cilia, which are the brush-like structures. When your lungs are healthy, this cleans your debris and mucus which has accumulated. After being a smoker for several years, the cilia become less effective and they don’t work properly. This is when you should switch to vaping as this won’t clog your lungs.

#4: Lowers risk of stroke and heart attack

Smoking will always boost the risk of blood clots and with this comes a heightened risk of stroke and heart attack. Switching to vaping will decrease these chances.

So, as you can see that smoking leads to a lot of health issues, it is better to take a conscious shift to vaping. Get your e-liquids from and start using it to ditch smoking.