Significant Impact of Kratom on Different Dosages

Every medicine needs proper amount of dosage intake in order to experience desired results. Some people may fail to go with proper dosage which does not produce known results. People who fail to intake medicines in regular dosage experience a delay in achieving the outcome. On the other hand, out of anxiety and running out of patience, many people used to take higher dosages which in turn lead to adverse effects. Hence it is very much important to consume the supplements in proper dosages. One among the many medicines which has to be followed in proper dosages is the Kratoms. Kratoms are available in the form of leaves, powders, tea bags and extracts which helps in treating physical and mental problems.


Types of Kratoms

The three major types of Kratoms that are available in South East Asian regions are White Vein, Red Vein and Green Vein. The traditional names of these Kratoms are dated back to the ancient period in accordance with the name of the area where these plants are grown. However, due to the recent emergence of online marketing, many vendors rename the powders and extracts according to the brand name. The name of the Kratoms look interestingly unique and these are named after the region in which they have been grown. Let us look into some of the interesting names below.

  • Thai, named after Thailand
  • Bali, mixture of Sumatra and Borneo
  • Indo, from Indonesia
  • Malay, from Malaysia

Kratoms at lower Dosage

Initially, as a newbie of Kratoms, many people opt to go for lower dosages. Once they are satisfied with the results and used with the taste and dosage, the next level of higher dosages is taken. When Kratoms are used in lower dosages, it acts as a stimulant. Generally, stimulants are the substances that raise the level of nervous or physiological activities. It helps in speedy communication between the brain and the central nervous system. This in turn makes you think faster and improves your learning capacity. Also, when consumed in lower dosages, these Kratoms acts as a boost to the memory.

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Stimulants are also known to enhance the cognition level of your brain. This in turn reduces the anxiety, depression and stress. The thinking capability, analytical skills and the decision making skills are enhanced.

Kratoms at Higher Dosage

Many of the Kratom users avoid using Kratoms in higher dosage. When using at higher dosage, there are chances of side effects like vomiting, nausea, cough and insomnia. Also, the addiction to this herb also becomes increasingly possible. When these are used at heavy dose, it acts as a sedative. This state is compared to that of a person who uses opiates. One other fact is that, a person who gets used with higher dosage, finds difficult to get rid of Kratom taste. If you wish to know more about the different strains of Kratoms and how to use it, and many other sites will be helpful.