Skin Changes which you can Expect during Pregnancy

During pregnancy you might come across yellow lines on the skin when you observe it in a mirror. It is termed as a mask of pregnancy and goes by the name of chlosma. It would appear that dark spots appear on your face along with the cheeks as well.

You ought to consider the fact that all of this does happen due to the presence of pregnancy hormones.

In case if you are suffering from melasma you can avoid it if you happen to stay away from the sun for a prolonged period of time. The trend would be that the problems of pigmentation would gradually fade away on its own once the pregnancy would be over. Pregnancy skin disorders medication is there, but you would need to avoid it on all counts.

Acne or pimples

Women are likely to witness acne or pimples long before the fact that they have become pregnant. With a gentle facial lotion try to clean your face at regular intervals. Do consider a skin specialist and inform him that you are pregnant. The products made from oats are the best option as they help you to get rid of the pimples. Do keep away from deep peeling products as the skin happens to be more sensitive during this phase of pregnancy.

There are bound to be some areas of the body which are expected to darken during this phase. If there are freckles on your face you can expect it to darken as well. The appearance of new spots is also on the rise as well.

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Stretch marks

Research does point to the fact that nearly 90 % of women do have stretch marks during the 7th or the 8th month of pregnancy. The dilation that occurs in the inner layers of the skin would be the prime reason for such a situation. They do appear in the form of white or red lines on the region of the abdomen. In some cases they stretch over to the hips as well. It could be painful if you pinch it. The pain medication while pregnant will help you to get rid of it. But the fact of the matter is that it does go on to fade away on its own once you are done with pregnancy.

Skin tag

You could confer the fact that there are extensions of the skin. It is pretty much harmless on all counts. They go on to appear in all major areas of the body and this would include the breast and the genital area as well. The main problem is that these tags are not going to disappear on their own after pregnancy. Though you can remove skin tags during the course of pregnancy by cutting. A skin specialist can go on to do the process. It works out to be very easy and all this is over within a span of a few minutes

These are some of the skin issues that come up during pregnancy.