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Supplements are required by the body to get energy and to help the person to good results. There is an increasing trend of body building among the youths and they are just following their friend’s advices which can lead to poor body structure. First of all, the thing to keep in mind is that there are 3 types of supplements for a healthy life, for building muscles and for losing weight. The supplements alone cannot give results to your body without any training. Training is extremely essential, but having a healthy diet will provide good and long-term results. To get supplements you can easily log on to the BODYBUILDING SUPPLEMENTS ONLINE INDIA and get your stack delivered at your home.

Supplements as the name suggests that these are used to supplement the healthy diet, not to replace it. As youngsters are more into building muscles, so here we will discuss about some of the supplements which can be beneficial in muscle building.

  • Whey Protein: For muscle building, protein is very much essential. Adults should consume 0.75g of protein for each kilogram of body weight. If a person is into the training and exercising, the protein consumption should be increased to assists the muscle growth and muscle rehabilitation. Meeting the protein requirements alone from the food can be difficult and thus addition of protein powder in the diet can be advantageous.

Whey protein provides around 24g of protein from each serving and is also available in various variants.

  • Creatine: It helps in enhancing the size of the muscle, energy levels and the overall strength of the body. It very beneficial for the persons performing training which include high intensive exercises like powerlifting and sprinting. Creatine can be taken by mixing it with the protein shake and prior workout or post workout and the recommended amount is 5g a day.
  • BCCAS: Branched Chain Amino Acids are vital building blocks of muscle. It helps in avoiding the catabolism which assists in maintaining the muscle mass. Catabolism is process in which body breaks down the muscle and utilize it to provide energy to the body. It contains 3 crucial amino acids- Valine, Isoleucine and Leucine in the ration 1:1:2. BCAAs can be take pre or post workout and can be taken in a small quantity for the whole day.
  • Pre-Workout: Before training, it feels like low energy level which demotivates to perform workout. The pre workout can be very beneficial in providing the energy to the body which increases the strength and endurance. Mostly these have high caffeine level which provides energy for the short period of time and is perfect for extreme trainings.
  • Casein: Due to regular weight training there is break down of the muscle fibres and protein helps in the repairing and growth of muscles. As while sleeping, due to fastening for around 7-9 hours, the body breaks down the muscle to get energy. But by consuming casein, it provides a slow releasing protein source to the body which prevents muscle breakdown.
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Interesting Blog -   Health Insurance for a Family of Working Couple