The Symptoms And Treatment Of Hepatitis Explained

What Exactly Is Hepatitis?

The condition of inflammation in the liver is generally referred to as hepatitis. The general and most common reason for the inflammation of liver is viral infection however there exist other possibilities and causes which result in hepatitis. The other reasons include hepatitis of autoimmune type and that hepatitis which happens as a side effect of medicines, drugs, as well as, alcohol.

Autoimmune hepatitis occurs while human immunity response starts producing antibodies against the liver itself.

The location of liver in the body is in the upper part of the abdomen. The functions of liver include various kind of vital bodily activities which seriously affect the metabolism all throughout the body such as:

Production of bile which is quite essential in the process of digestion.

Filtration out of the toxic materials from the body.

Removal of bilirubin which is a byproduct made from red blood cells, drugs, hormones, and cholesterol.

Breakage of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Activating the enzymes with happened to be the special proteins vital for the bodily functions.

Acts as a store house of glycogen which is a kind of sugar as well as vitamins A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, and minerals.

Production of blood proteins for example albumin.

Production of clot causing factors.

Demography And Spread Of Hepatitis

As per the reports of World Health Organization; there are more than 5 million people in the American continent who are suffering from diseases such as chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis C. There is no dearth of people who even don’t recognize that they are within the deadly claws of hepatitis. Hepatitis can easily be cured upon the diagnosis of the type of hepatitis one is having. The treatment of hepatitis is generally done through immunity exercises and some precautions which are to be taken in the lifestyle.

Types Of Hepatitis

There are 5 kinds of hepatitis which occur due to a viral infection. The classification of hepatitis is done on the basis of the infection causing virus and is categorized as A, B, C, D, and E. Such classification is done because of the reason that in each of these cases of hepatitis – a different kind of virus is the infection causing pathogen which is responsible for transmission of infection which ultimately culminates in hepatitis.

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Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a result of the infection which is caused by the hepatitis A virus which is known in medical terminology as HAV. Hepatitis A occurs because of the reason of transmission of contamination through water or food. If the contaminated water or food is contaminated due to the excretory material of a person who is infected with hepatitis A then the consumer of that food or water would also get infected with hepatitis A.

Hepatitis B

The transmission of hepatitis B occurs due to the body fluids transfer which are already infected by hepatitis B including semen, secretions from the vagina, blood etc. The risk gets multiplied if people share personal care utilities such as razors or injections etc. If the original user of such personal care utilities is suffering from hepatitis B then by the act of sharing these things might also share hepatitis B.

Hepatitis C

The main reason of hepatitis C infection is the direct contact of body fluids which may occur due to sexual intercourse or through drugs injected through an injection. It is one of the most common viral infection in the continent of America. Most of the people who are suffering from hepatitis are chronic from this kind of hepatitis virus.

Hepatitis D

It is also known as hepatitis delta and is a very serious malady caused by the virus of hepatitis D. People get infected by hepatitis D by coming in contact with the infected form of blood which may be either through infected injections or personal care utilities such as razor. It is a very rare kind of disease with very less people suffering from it.

Hepatitis E

This this kind of viral infection is prevalent in the areas which have very poor sanitation facilities and people who accidentally consume the excretory matter get affected by it. Hepatitis E cases have been reported from Central America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa as per the reports of World Health Organization.