The Ideology of Online Pharmacy

Online Pharmacy

At the time when everything is going online and the peoples are buying almost every minute to minute thing from grocery to the gadgets from web stores, it is a perfect moment when the medical and the pharmaceutical market catches up to this trend and with the start of numerous online pharmacy in the country indeed it has. You can now easily fulfill all your medicinal requirements online, better to say, an online pharmacy.

The online medicine shopping in India is completely a new and revolutionary idea for the country. The whole prospect of the field is to provide quick and easy solution all your medicine and health related products.

The current scenario of the field

Based on a search, at present around 50 plus online pharmacies are there in the country. One other research concluded that in World B-2-B companies are also offering online pharmaceuticals and 19% of which are from India. The growth of online Pharmacy in the country is significantly growing.

But the field has some challenges too and the biggest one is India needs to do lots of hard work in convincing the peoples about the novelty of the drugs. However, still, we can say that the scope of such online companies in India is still quite vast.

India can be a successful venture in a field of online pharmacy if the country can allure its population by: –

  • Making them familiar about the fact that ‘the medicine e-commerce’ also exist and can deal with all your related needs.
  • Making them believe that every single penny you have paid through online payments on such websites is fully safe and secure
  • Offering great discounts that are bigger than to that of the physical chemist stores
  • Selling medicines of reputed brands
  • adding healthcare products also in their kitty for buying
  • Giving option of liberty to choose type of payment
  • Like other E-commerce firms providing delivery to every part of India. 
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The biggest legal challenge

If we talked about the legal things in Pharmacy then there are lots of challenges but the biggest and most important one comes under The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and it has given some set of rules to all the pharmacies in the country.

In short, it says the sale of Schedule H and the Schedule X drugs cannot be sold without any legal prescription. Therefore, in the country, where the online pharmacy is on the road of taking over, meeting this requirement of Government of India is itself a challenge and needs great practice through innovative approaches. Even the Ayurveda also have laws that regulate their usage. Note that if you are planning to buy online medicine in India then the prescription is necessary.

Even after so many challenges of the Indian online pharmacy market there some of the websites who are doing a great job in the field and pleased to offer you the wonderful services by following all the legal formalities.

As a user, trust any website just after checking their reviews made available by previous users on the internet. Also, there are many ways to find out that if your shortlisted online pharmacy is a fully legal entity or not.

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