The ifs and Buts of Some Major Sleeping Positions

Kudos! Your new born baby has arrived! When you think of the numerous sleeping positions the range of options can send you in a state of confusion. Let us now take into consideration some of them and find out the pros along with cons in terms of the best new born baby sleeping positions. This will enable you to take a right decision for both you and the baby.


The crib, is a small bed for the toddlers, and is a traditional option. One of the major advantages of it is that it tends to require less updates and it can be used till the kid is ready to graduate to a full sized bed. You can find accessories to it and it is available in a host of shapes along with sizes. There is no need to update as it can be converted to a toddler’s bed.

But on the negative side, it is larger than most other options which may make the baby at bit unsettled and it works out to be an expensive option.

Co sleeper

In terms of sleeping options for the new born baby, it lets your baby sleep by the side. Also termed as bedside sleeper it resembles a crib on one side, which is lower so that you can reach out to your baby will feeding them. You can reach the baby easily for a cuddle and for this reason minimum amount of disruption tends to occur. It is smaller in size than a crib and the baby has a lot of comfort in terms of space. A lot of the models tend to have locker wheels so that you can move them from one room to another.

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As far as the negatives are concerned, it tends to outgrow faster than a crib and if there are no wheels it is harder to move them from one room to another. In addition to this the bedding accessories tend to be limited as well.


It works out to be a cosy option for your kid, due to the small size that cocoons your baby. This is bound to comfort your baby and they will fall asleep easily. Cradles are another variation of this sleeping option and they are easy to move because of the small size and are embedded with wheels.

In terms of loopholes it is available in limited size options like a crib and because it is small in size it is outgrown pretty quickly

Baby hammock

This has gone on to become popular in the last few years as the rocking motion mimics the womb and helps your baby to sleep. As the weight of the baby is distributed in an equal manner the stress on the joints or the muscles of the baby reduce considerably. The rocking motion can help the baby soothe and get them to sleep easily. It also reduces the risk of flat head syndrome

In terms of risk it tends to outgrow quickly and an expensive option.