The value of JCI Accreditation in Hospitals

Each health organization or hospital which applies for the JCI accreditation, almost takes about 2 years to prepare itself. In this time, the whole of the health organization works down together for preparing to implement and develop high- quality procedures, practices and policies for the patients. All these have to meet the desired standards. When the site evaluation for JCI Accreditation takes places, they evaluate about thousand elements other than the team of health care administrators, nurses, JCI physicians, and JCI Accreditation Consultants.

Hospitals and health organizations with JCI Accreditation, accredits primary care facilities, ambulance services,  emergency transport organizations, long term care, home care, laboratories, and clinics.

Consultation Services On the site


  • Organizational study for the Assessment
  • Joint developments of the Work Plan
  • Design and development of managerial Indicators, performance indicators, and ILMS
  • Documentary system preparation (e.g. Policies, Plans, programs, Manuals)
  • Forming of guidelines for clinical practice and clinical pathways
  • Mock JCI Survey (by external Surveyor)
  • Design of Clinical and non clinical Modules
  • The Processes for the documentation of evaluation and Approval
  • Implementation of the quality tools like HVA, RISK FRAMEWORK, and FMEA
  • IPSG Tracer Activities
  • Training for the Trainers Program
  • The Training Programs for the freshers
  • Real-time Assistance to survey Co-coordinator
  • Support in filing an Application to JCI
  • The Periodical Readiness of the assessment
  • Conduct a variety of Audits of Safety, Medical record, Infection control, etc
  • Activities for tracing the System
  • Individual patient tracer activities
  • Mock group discussions (by external Surveyor)

During the Survey

  • Daily Post- Survey briefing session
  • Management of Survey Command centre
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  • Detailed clarification on the Not-Mets and Partial-Mets
  • Forming of SIP i.e. Strategy Into Plan
  • Focus on the Survey Preparation

Why is JCI Accreditation, World’s Gold Standard?

Accreditation is a long term process which demands commitment. The process comprises of a lot pf preparatory work leading to survey and further improvement in work and performance. All this has to ensure that the JCI Accreditation standards are being able to maintain. Medical organizations that maintain and achieve JCI Accreditation are very dedicated in providing the patients with top most level of care.

The evaluation methods and JCI standards stand alone in the world. The JCI Consultants use the unique tools which are designed to drive a positive change. Some of its standard and evaluation methods are:

  • Designs to kindle and support and help in improving the quality
  • They are created in order to reduce risks
  • It is Focused on constructing a culture for the safety of the patient
  • It has been developed by the health care experts from all around the world. It has been tested in every region of the world.
  • It has been developed by health care professionals specially for the sector of health care
  • It is applicable to individual health care organizations and all the national health care systems.