Top 5 Benefits Of Cervical AIDS

A cervical aid, also known as a cervical collar or band, is a medical device, which supports a person’s neck. In case of any head injuries or a problematic neck, the collar is prescribed by the physician to treat chronic conditions. Cervical neck collars are worn by patients, who undergo a surgical intervention to immobilize their neck. The treatment of a cervical neck pain is where this is commonly used.  Therapeutically, these are used to help in realigning the spinal cord and get relief from pain, but they are not worn for very long period of time. Here are the top uses of cervical aids:

Neck Injuries or traumatic head

A cervical collar is commonly applied post a serious head or neck injury. This helps immensely to stabilize the person’s cervical area like the skull or the spinal cord and prevents further damage. It is also important in decreasing the risk of paralysis or spinal damage.


The collar is often used during the recovery from a critical head or neck injury and post the spinal surgery. It helps in immobilizing injured areas and effectively releases stress from that particular part of the body. Usually, the doctors advise their patients to wear the collar until the treatment or the healing process ends.

Therapeutic and Whiplash Usage

Frequently, the cervical collars are used to treat spinal and neck medical conditions, which may also include whiplash, sprains and spinal cord alignment. Whiplash is a result of severe injury in spinal tissues. It is treated commonly using a soft collar. Also, doctors include physical therapy and exercises to accelerate ones process of recovery. Whiplash is a major traumatic injury in the soft tissue structures present in cervical spine as a result of hyperflexion, hyperextension or a rotation injury.

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Neck Pain

One of the most common health problems in our country is neck pain. About 40–60% of Indians will experience neck pain once in their lives at least and as many as 40% are affected with it each year, and the other 10% people suffer from sudden neck pain any time. And one of the most common remedies for this is the cervical collar. It is important to wear the collar properly to obtain the maximum benefit. Any good cervical collar should decrease the motion but not be discomforting, so let the physician know if your collar feels uncomfortable.

Cervical Radiculopathy

Tumors, Disc herniation, etc. may lead to nerve damage, which is the cause of cervical radiculopathy. Initially, doctors treated this condition only with surgery. But now, more physicians are making use cervical collars, to successfully treat the cervical radiculopathy with good rest and exercise. A doctor who specializes in spinal health will offer an accurate evaluation.

Nowadays, even without the prescription of the doctor, people keep cervical aids in their houses to meet any emergency. Neck pain being so common, the cervical aid brings relief to it. So, if you have been prescribed one by your physician or just want one for your home, you can buy them online.