Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) – How are they related to Infertility:

Urinary infections can be seen in most people as they grow old. Some of these infections happen during childhood. The symptoms and the complications as child will not be seen as such and hence goes unnoticed. At later point of time, these become acute diseases which affects our fertility health. An Andrologist is an experts who combines with an urologist specialised in treating all UTI and kidney disorders. Most of the kidney disorders are interlinked with urinary tract infection, especially in kids. Voiding dysfunction, congenital anomalies, haematuria, and kidney stones are some of the complex medical scenarios which can be treated.

History and diagnostic evaluation form the base of Nephrology, which might include awareness on general and medical ancestral history, general diet, medication, and occupation. Direct assessment of urine for blood (hematuria) or proteins (proteinuria) aid in recognising kidney problems. Serum creatine concentrate provides information on glomerular filtration rate. Many more unique and outstanding lab tests can help detect major systemic and metabolic disorders such as diabetes, cystinosis and so forth. When kids grow up an adult and start to face issues with reproductive health, it is important to fix an appointment at fertility hospital in India and consult an urologist.

Hemodialysis: The human blood is allowed to pass through an equipment that can remove the impurities and push it back into the body. This is generally applicable in the case when the kidney fails to function properly and unable to remove impurities from the blood.

Peritoneal dialysis: It is a procedure where the dialysate fluid is introduced into the abdominal area of the body and allowed to filter the blood internally, and the impurities are flushed out of the body.

Continuous renal replacement therapy: This is a method adopted when the body does not support performing purification through the above-mentioned methods.This is a continuous process mostly adopted for the inpatients that allow dialysis to occur throughout the day.

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Kidney transplant: For major complicated kidney disorders, any procedure of dialysis can only be a temporary solution and can be painful. So, if the patients are not too old, then it is always suggested to choose a related organ donor who can donate his kidney for transplantation. Until the transplantation is successful and the new kidney functions properly inside the body, nephrologists recommend dialysis at regular intervals depending on patients’ health conditions.

Erythropoietin is a substance that helps in stimulating the production of red blood cell and thus reduces the want for blood transfusions. This can be administered before dialysis if the symptoms are severe. Monoclonal antibodies or biological drugs such as rituximab, basiliximab, and eculizumab are used in treating inflammatory kidney diseases such as vasculitis or transplant rejection. Cabometix, lenvima, and rayaldee are generally employed to treat renal cell carcinoma and for prophylaxis of organ rejection in kidney transplantation.

You can visit a doctor specialised in andrology at a fertility center in India. He can help in providing information on chronic kidney diseases and the type of immunizations to be followed during the treatment of hepatitis B, influenza, and pneumococcal disorders. The preservation and maintenance of kidney health and the treatment starting from diet to being taken till medication and renal replacement can be advised by an experienced nephrologist at Cloudnine Fertility Center. Nephrology Division is composed of experienced practitioners who specialise in offering care services for patients with kidney abnormalities which might pose the need for dialysis or transplantation.

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