The various causes, remedies and treatments of knee pain and discomfort

knee pain
knee pain

Do you suffer from knee pain? There are various causes of knee pain. It may result from any injury to the knee, overuse injury or due to an underlying joint condition. Knee pain treatment varies as per the severity of the condition. Some of the symptoms of knee injury are pain on the region, swelling and stiffness. The musculoskeletal complaint is quite common in this current active society. There are various causes and treatment options available. It is best to choose home remedies to get rid of knee pain.

Anatomy and components of knee

The main function of knee joint is to bend and bear the weight of the body, to straighten the body along with the hips and ankles. It twists, rotates and is something more than hinged joint. To support the whole body, the knee relies on several structures like the bones, tendons, cartilages and ligaments. There are 4 bones in the knee whereby the femur or thighbone comprises of top region of knee joint. The knee cap rides the front of the knee femur. Ligaments are those fibrous bands that attach bones to each other. There are mainly 4 ligaments in the knee. Tendons are almost similar to ligaments. Then, there are cartilages, Bursae or fluid-filled sac. Knee inflammation is the direct consequence of knee injury. Whether the pain is due to an injury or due to joint condition, you may try out home remedies to treat the knee pain.

Shed those extra pounds

People who are overweight, it is they who suffer from knee ache. If you are overweight, it may stress the joints to cause pain on the knees. The ones who are overweight, they put more weight on their knees. As already stated, the knees hold the weight of the entire body, you must take steps to reduce weight. Exercise regularly and consume a low-fat diet.

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Correct overponation to get rid of the pain

Overpronation is the reason behind knee pain. Have a look at your feet and correct overpronation. By using supportive shoes, you can correct it. Readymade orthotics can also help. Get in touch with chiropractor, orthopedist or podiatrist to design customized supportive shoes.

Compression can reduce pain and discomfort

The first step to taking care of the knee is preventing further trauma. Use knee splinting and knee padding for this. To avoid stressing the knees, take adequate rest. You may apply ice pack to reduce swelling. If the problem is severe, apply ice pack at least 2-3 times every day for the duration of 20-25 minutes.

Knee wrap or knee brace  

Compressing the knee with knee wrap or knee brace can help. It reduces swelling and keep knee patella aligned. Propping your legs up can also help. If the pain is too much, use proper knee wrap to support the knees and also consume over-the-counter medicines. It is better to stick to ayurvedic medicines.

There are various home remedies for knee pain like applying hot and cold compresses, massaging the area with warm olive oil, consuming ginger and chamomile tea. If you are looking for an easy way to address the pain, find a chiropractor near you.


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