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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Delhi Metro

Long ago, Delhiites used to find travelling and commuting in Delhi quite painful. Reason being the overcrowded buses or those rash bus drivers. It was quite difficult to expect the buses to stop at their allotted sight or even if the bus would stop or not or also will it reach the destination on time or not.
With so much traffic, pollution, population and so many real estate developers in Delhi NCR, there seems to be so much talk of the capital. The fear of traffic jams, breakdowns and the bad condition of the buses had the people wishing for an alternative. In short, it was a painful task to even think about travelling through public transport. But then metros came into existence, and brought relief for Delhiites. But there some facts about Delhi Metro that are very less known. Here, we discuss about some of them:

  1. No Dustbins : Cleanliness is a big issue in Delhi, but if you think about it, Delhi Metro looks very neat and clean. But did you know, there are no dustbins anywhere on the Delhi Metro except on the restaurants.
  2. Only Even Number of Coaches : Ever thought why are only 6 coach or 8 coach metros running? Why not 5 coach or 7 coach? No chances. The reason being that Delhi Metro has 2 coaches that serve as a single unit and cannot be run separately. These 2 coaches are ‘motor car’ and ‘driver car’.
  3. Smart Card : To a great extent obscure, DMRC and ICICI bank got together to dispatch a DMRC check card which has an auto energize facility and gives 10 % rebate on metro charge and shops at metro stations. Goodness, did we specify money back offers and reward focuses?
  4. Meaningful Tactile Strips : The different coloured tactile strips you see on the stations serve a very meaningful purpose. These strips are the pathways to take you to the lifts, exits & to the metro lines you want to go to.
  5. Total distance covered by Delhi Metro : Did you ever thought of how many metros are running and how much distance are they covering in a day? If not, then we have the answer to your question. The DMRC has a total of 200 metros covering almost 69,000 kme on a daily basis!
  6. Neutral Zones : You must have noticed many times that there are certain stations, where the AC & lights go off. These are the ‘power shifts’. These neutral zones supply the power to the trains.
  7. Journey after you deboard : DMRC take cares of you even after when you deboard the metro. There are metro buses which take you to the nearest destinations, you don’t need to spend extra for an auto, you can reach your destination at a very best and cheap price.
  8. Different feature of escalators : DMRC understands the hurry of its commuters, which is why even the escalators of the metro stations care for them. The DMRC escalators have an extra feature called Sari Guard feature which makes sure that the loose clothes do not get trapped.
  9. Wheelchair-friendly : As we said, DMRC cares for its commuters, which is why if you notice, all the metro stations entrances have ramps built. It’s motive is to help the wheelchair bound people also to travel easily.
  10. Punctuality : Other than technical glitches, it is really hard to notice that Delhi Metro is not on time. It can be considered as one of the few punctual things that are found in Delhi.
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So, if your are planning to shift to the capital, or looking for real estate developers in Delhi NCR, so you can finally fulfill your dream of living in this beautiful city, these facts will definitely help you make a better choice. Also, if next time someone flaunts about their car and easy travelling, go ahead and mention these points and let them know about your safety and easy travelling because of the Delhi Metro.

Saamya Sharma

The author Saamya Sharma

Saamya Sharma is a freelance writer as well as guest blogger. She writes for many online publications.

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