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5 Things to Do Before Buying a Sydney House with Granny Flat

Your house does not only serve as a place where you live but also as an epitome of your success in life. If you are ready for the big leap, which is to buy a new and larger property, then you would want to be wise homebuyer. Since the Sydney housing market is continuously evolving, it is safe to say that buying a new property or house is relatively a great idea to ponder on.

Living in a fairly small property is fine, but a larger one will definitely be a delight. If you want a house with granny flat designs, then go for it. A house with secondary suite is truly a good idea because you will have a spare space which can serve you for different purposes, such as a guest house and a space for small events and celebrations. If you are decided to buy a house with secondary suite, then you will find these home-buying tips handy:

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Ask your family first– Before applying for home loan, what you would want to do first is to ask your family. Keep in mind that buying a new property is a major investment that needs approval of the whole family. Hence, it is recommended to have a serious discussion among your family members about your plan to move. Listen and weigh in the ideas and opinions of your family members to come up with a sound decision that everyone in the family would not regret.

Research and ask people– If you don’t have any experience living in a house with granny flat, you would not want to test the waters first. It is suggested to do a research about the topic, this will give you glimpse on how is it like living such lifestyle. There are several websites and message boards online that discuss what it is like living in a property with granny flat, you may want to visit them to have a better idea about it. Also, if you personally know people who live in such homes, don’t hesitate to ask them for you to better understand the lifestyle that awaits you and your family.

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Talk with real estate agents– If your family is open to the idea of moving to a property with granny flat designs, the next step you should do is to talk with a real estate company. Real estate agents can help you find the best home for you and your family. Discuss with the agents what you are looking for in a house with secondary suite so they can easily give you suggestions. Also, it would be helpful to visit display homes with such design in order to have a better feel of what it is like living in such home.

Scrutinize the property– Let’s say that your real estate agent has found a property for you, what you would want to do is to personally visit that property and check if it would work for you and your family. Check the property’s water system and proximity to important establishments like schools, hospitals, and grocery stores. Make sure that you have checked the property well before committing into buying it.

The good thing about investing on granny flat designs is that you will be able to live in a property with great space. In addition, if one day you decide to move to another place and buy another house, you can easily sell your property with secondary suite easily and at a much higher price since such houses are greatly welcomed in the market; in other words, they have good resale value.