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5 tips to select an architectural firm

When you are building a home or office or any infrastructure, you are shaping your dreams into reality. Definitely, you would want the best, and infrastructure which would be sustainable and reflect your personality. So you go to the best architecture firms Chennai has and they present in front of you an idea turned into a blueprint. And that is how it all starts. But when you go online and search for this architecture firms it can be very overwhelming to choose from the sea of options.

Therefore, here are 5 tips which would help you to select an architectural firm that suits your needs.

  1. Ask the firm to provide a portfolio.

If it’s an established firm, it would not hesitate from presenting their portfolio, which would consist of pictures from the projects they have previously undertaken and completed. Apart from the website gallery, you might want to check other pictures too so that you can compare and decide among the different works of the various architects. There are many architecture firms Chennai has which allow you to go through every information and every detail with complete transparency.

2. Try to know which projects were completed by their architects while working at their firm

It is important to know as designers tend to shift a lot from one job to another. Sometimes for promotion, a firm can show you the work of an architect which he completed while working at some other firm.

3. Which contractors do they work with?

The job of an architect primarily is to lay out a design and hand it over to the contractors to build that and give you the final output. They then track the progress of the contractors and guide them to follow the design. So you might want to look for an architect who has the time and patience to look after everything and has a good rapport with contractors.

4. Ask them for their experience

It is important for you to know how much the firm has experience in your geographic area and the kind of work you are looking for. It should be having good knowledge about the pattern and personality of the city or the neighbourhood give you an accurate infrastructure. You should know if the firm has laid its hands in the designs related to your industry.

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5. What’s the size of the firm?

The big firms are reputed but they mostly engage themselves with international projects, leaving them with very less time to invest in your project. Therefore, if your project is small, it is advised to go with a small firm as you will have their full attention and time. Many architecture firms Chennai has promised to treat your project personally and carefully, you just need to search for them a little.

6. How long will the project take?

If you are planning to build something big or a building, it is obvious that it would take up a lot of time. You have to look for a firm who is willing to engage with you in the long term. It is very important that you are comfortable with that architectural firm and the architects you are choosing and that you can keep up a good relationship with them.

7. Whether the person you are meeting today is the one who will be working on your project

When you go to any architectural firm, it is obvious that they would try to give their best shots in the initial phase to impress you with their knowledge and presentations. Hence there is a big possibility that the people you are discussing with in the first meeting might not be the people who would be actually working on the project. They allow the best architects to talk to you in the beginning but they send the inexperienced ones to the site. In order to avoid such incidents, you can ask the firm to prepare a contract mentioning the names of the architects who would be working on your project throughout. The architecture firms Chennai has gives you such options to keep a transparent and honest relationship between you and the firm.

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