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A Millennial Guide to Interior Designing (a budget friendly plan)

Sometimes, the idea of interior designing horrifies because of the perception people are having about its expense.

Is interior designing really not a thing for people with strict budget?

Let me bust the myth that interior designing is always about spending a lot of money. You should know that interior designers like Sanjyt Syngh can do wonders without throwing out a big amount from your bank balance.

The fact is designing your space is more about your imagination and creativity rather than money. These days the clients of interior designers are not only limited to the opulent class. Beautifying your home is not a luxury anymore. Let’s see how wonders can be done by making little changes.

Even if you don’t have a budget to organise your indoor space, interior designing can be your cup of tea. You can be your own interior designer; you just need to understand some basic concepts.

Delhi based interior designer Sanjyt Syngh has shared his thoughts in his budget-friendly indoor designing experience. He justifies that interior designing is not only about filling your home with expensive creation.


First of all, you need to analyze the overall space and choose the right colour because the effect of shades matters more than you think. Creating the perfect look by putting the right colours and patterns on wall is like winning half of the battle.


Before buying anything, make sure you have a proper space for it. Doing it the other way is the most common mistake people usually make. Collecting unnecessary stuffs is only going to increase the clutter. Spend less but be clear on what you are spending and how you will actually utilize it.


Never forget to pick the right pieces for your home while travelling. This is the best way to get an unusual variety in your home. You can also get original artwork at affordable prices from local stores of whichever place you are visiting. According to Sanjyt Syngh, “Artwork is a great option to give the desired feel to the overall space. The large-sized pieces may do wonders. But there is no alternative of original artwork according to him.

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Apart from picking what would look great in your home, you have great opportunity to discover ideas from different places. You never know, where you can get the best inspiration for embellishing your home. I hope now you are ready not only to pick things but also ideas to transforming your personal world.


Sanjyt believes as an interior designer that oversized, bold and colourful pieces do not create that magic. The point is to make that space eye-catching, not just to highlight that piece. Less is more may sound a cliché but it is crucial to consider while designing your interior.


Imagine a scenario in which no space is left in your home and every corner is occupied with something. Of course, it does not sound like a meticulously designed interior at all.

An adept interior designer does his job without destroying the spacious feel of a home. What is the point in designing your home, if it makes it look over-occupied? According to Sanjit Syngh, every corner of your home should not be embellished with captivating pieces. Otherwise it may start looking at a shop of handicrafts, art pieces, and vases. Leaving some areas empty does not only give a spacious feel to your home but also saves your enough bank balance.


Give the finishing touch with the right lightening effects. After all, lights are something that impacts your mood and productivity. There is no way you should compromise in it; it is the easiest and cheapest way to enhance the overall look. What you need is just little bit of creativity and imagination.

There is no need to spend so many bucks on lights. Sanjyt Syngh always suggested his clients to adorn the light with enthralling lampshades. It adds the exact effect you are looking for. The fun thing here is that you can add your own creativity when it comes to lampshades. DIY lampshades are the best pocket friendly solutions to balance your expense and a great way to distract yourself from your mundane schedule.

Now, what are you waiting for? Start creating the perfect plan to transform your shelter of peace.

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