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The advantages of engineered wood flooring

wood flooring

The natural warmth of wood has become a popular choice for flooring in recent years. Easy to keep clean and clear, it’s a good choice if you have pets, children, or anyone who has dust allergies living in your house.

wood flooring
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The demand for engineered wood flooring has increased, according to recent market research, owing to the rise in living standards and disposable income, as well as technological advancements that have enabled a cost effective production of a wide variety of wood flooring products.


Solid wood flooring is known for its durability, and there are plenty of examples which have stood the test of centuries of wear. But solid wood has its drawbacks, too, particularly its susceptibility to warp, crack or rot when exposed to excessive moisture or fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

The structure of engineered wood means that it’s less prone to warping, whilst still being able to deal with stress. Formed of three layers – a thick layer of plywood sandwiched between two thinner layers of hardwood – engineered wood flooring looks just as authentic as the real thing.

wood flooring

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Easier to fit

Unlike traditional solid wood flooring, engineered flooring comes in tiles that slot together, making it much easier to lay. It can be laid directly onto a subfloor, or onto an underlay. If you’re looking for effects such as chevrons or parquet, the tiles can come with these patterns pre-made, meaning that the painstaking process of laying individual blocks of wood is no longer necessary.

Greater choice

Patterns are not the only advantage when choosing the look of your engineered wood floor. Since the tiles can be made with any hardwood finish, including staining and even bright, primary colours, choosing engineered wood gives you access to a large palette of colours, textures, laying patterns and finishes. A wide range of options is available from online outlets like

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A great looking floor, for longer

Even though the top layer of hardwood is thinner than solid wood, it will still withstand a few sanding down and refurbishment procedures in its lifetime, meaning that you can keep your wooden floor looking great for decades to come. The durability and versatility of engineered wood makes it a great option for floors in a variety of living spaces in the home.


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