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Are Water Filtering and Water Purifying Systems Different? Which one is best for home use?

Water purifying and filtering systems are considered to be the most sophisticated technology that are available in the modern time to purify or filter the water at the optimum state no matter how hard the water is.

Have you wanted to install a water filter at home for a while, but do you find it difficult to choose between so many models? We have also had that doubt, and that is why we have decided to inquire a little about the subject and show you what are the keys to choosing the best purifier, and we have also done a survey on what are the best selling water filters of 2020.

The problem of unfiltered water has been increasing continuously for the last few decades. This situation is leading to more and more families considering the use of water filters at home as an alternative to buying bottled water. These devices allow us to trap and eliminate particles that may be harmful to our health through the use of different neutralizing agents, such as activated carbon or ultraviolet light. In fact, the truth is that thanks to this growing interest in filtering water in our homes there are currently hundreds of different models in the market, which in turn employ different filtration methods.

Therefore, if you are also thinking of installing a water filter at home, you will first be interested to know what the main types that exist are and more importantly, what is the difference between filtration and water purification.

The difference between filtering and purifying

Among these two terms, purification seems to be the most misunderstood, since the most widespread concept when cleaning impurities from the water we consume is to purify. To understand its meaning, it is enough to know that the water that comes from natural sources (rivers, births, etc.) is not 100% pure and contains elements inherent to the same source, such as minerals, salts, organic matter, and others. In this sense, the purification process seeks to eliminate everything that is “unwanted” or that may not be healthy from water.

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Most purification systems use activated carbon to absorb contaminating particles. Carbon purifiers absorb the organic molecules present, while those that use ultraviolet light are also responsible for eliminating microorganisms. Other purification methods would include the use of ion exchange resins to retain minerals or mental as well as distillation, among others.

In contrast, the filtration method focuses on the use of a filter element or mesh with which solid particles of water are retained. The two most common filtration systems are sediment filters and membrane filters, and both are often combined. If you think of the best water purification system, then

The main difference between these two methods of “water cleaning” lies in that, while purification is responsible for removing natural or added elements dissolved or in the form of microscopic particles in the water, filtration focuses only on sediments or impurities solid. Normally in today’s homes these two methods are usually combined to improve water quality.

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