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Come Visit Xpresshunt for A “No Stains, No Dirt, No Pest House”

“Cleanliness leads to Godliness,” were the words of wisdom given by Mahatma Gandhi.  Being a great intellect, he understood the significance of a clean environment and often emphasized that “Sanitation is more important than Independence.”

And rightly so, for who does not like to reside in a clean and fresh home? For a healthy lifestyle, the first step is a neat, dirt and pest free vicinity.

However, in this constant rapidly progressing world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to balance our work commitments with household chores. At the end of the day, one is completely drained of the energy to give special attention to your house.

In such times of crisis, is your friend in need.

At, we provide professional home cleaning services in Bangalore. Taking care of your luxury carpet requires more than just a quick sweep. Every shelf, partition and interior of your refrigerator requires scrubbing, disinfecting and sanitising.

Your terrace that sees a confluence of all your family get-togethers and friends re-unions can get dirty which can lead to problems such as water logging and seepage. For a complete cleaning experience, it is important to get your house cleaned right from the floors to the terrace.

Our team ensures that your floor is completely free of residue as they employ vacuuming and mopping to make them shine like new.

For a proper good night sleep, it is extremely essential to have a bacteria and dust free mattress. Our experts come armed with powerful vacuum cleaners to extract every molecule possible of dry dust, dust mites and residue.

The hard to reach areas such as ceiling fans, and geysers will now be stainless.

Our pest control services help to get rid of all kinds of pests- be it seasonal or non-seasonal including ants, spiders, cockroaches (that can cause severe stomach infections if they come in contact with your food or utensils), termites (that can slowly eat up all the precious wood and make your furnitures hollow) and needless to say, the mosquitoes, infamously known for spreading deadly diseases such as malaria, dengue and chikunguniya.

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Our team of driven professionals are absolutely committed to providing a healthy dust free environment so that you breathe easy and think clearly.

The members of our team are extensively trained and we conduct a profound background check before providing them any verification because we understand your concern over security. It is our responsibility to send trusted professionals so that the safety of your loved ones and precious things is not compromised.

Getting a new television but are feeling apprehensive because of the mess that is created by the installation of the equipment? We are here to vanish all your issues into thin air. Just choose your favourite television sets and contract us for we will take care of the installation of all the models like including Samsung tv installation, LG tv installation, Videocon tv installation, Panasonic and other brands.  All you need to do is just sit back and relax. Take a sip of that hot coffee and without any hassle, see your television getting installed.

To ensure maximum credibility, we provide a unique insurance policy to all our customers across all our services at a fair price.

So choose the mode of payment that suits your bill and enjoy the joy of life while we handle all your household cleaning and television installation chores.

Contact today for any further information or queries.