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Do You Need an Emergency Plumbing Service?

If you find water escaping inside your home your first response may be to pick up the phone book and call an emergency plumber.  However, although there are many good emergency plumbing firms you may not actually need one!  It is essential to evaluate the situation before you call a firm and incur the additional charges that an emergency cal l out will entail.

This is not to say that there are not times when the services of a reputable firm are required and, indeed, are invaluable.  There are many based firms which offer a fair service and have a good reputation; Smile Heating & Cooling is one of the best options.  However, before you call them it is advisable to check whether your situation really justifies an emergency plumbing firm or whether it can wait until standard hours and charges are in force:

Location of Leak

The first question you will need to ask yourself is where the leak is.  If it is close to a sink or other device then there will be a good chance that there is an isolating valve nearby.  This will shut the supply off to the rest of the pipe and prevent the leak from spreading more water across your room.  It is fairly easy to establish whether there is an isolating valve or not.  Simply trace the path of the water pipe to see if there is a small tap along it.  If so you can turn it ninety degrees and stop the water.  Then you will simply need to survive without the particular tap or even section of your plumbing until you can ring the plumber and avoid the need for an emergency plumbing firm.

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The time of your leak is also a reason to call an emergency plumbing service.  If you are unable to turn your leak off then the emergency response will be imperative.  However, if you can isolate the affected section of plumbing and manage without it then you can afford to wait for a standard rate plumber.  The question is how much time you can survive without water to the specific pipes and how long a standard plumber will take to get to you.  This is a variable that may be beyond your control and can be frustrating to deal with!

Water Requirements

Finally, you can avoid using an emergency plumbing service if you shut the water off to your entire house and can manage without it.  This is not an option for most people but might be one for you; especially if you have access to a shower elsewhere.

It is also worth considering the cost.  Although an emergency plumbing firm will cost more than a standard call out rate; the difference may not be substantial as you think.  It is worth considering the additional cost versus the inconvenience of having no water.  You may realize that a small amount of extra funds is worth the reduced hassle.  You may even find that the firm lets you pay in instalments!