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Environmental and Health Benefits of Regular Air Condiertion Filter Care

Today, air conditioners are a necessity for basically every home. For efficient cooling, an air conditioner needs to have filters that are clean. Dirty ones can impact the performance of the system causing it to cool ineffectively. This, in turn, will contaminate indoor atmosphere causing more damage to people struggling with respiratory and allergy issues.

What is the use of AC filters?

Filters keep dirt and dust away from getting accumulated on coils, which can accumulate dust and grime. They are closely connected to actual refrigerant tubes, so to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime on the coil filters are used. In addition, the indoor air quality and unit’s performance gets enhanced. It helps to avoid the waste of energy, time, effort, and money.

Air conditioner cleaning is beneficial to health and environment

Environmental benefits

Clogged and dirty AC filters reduce energy efficiency level. Wasted energy adds to greenhouse gas emission and thus contributes to global warming issue. The unit consumes more energy but delivers less cooling. Cleaning air filters regularly will help to avoid the negative effect but increase the energy efficiency of your AC.

Health benefits

Clean AC filters reveal clean indoor air and thus the situation of breathing and lung disorder decreases. Your home becomes allergen-free with a simple maintenance step of cleaning the filters.

Benefits of saving

Increase in energy efficiency and performance reduces utility bills and homeowners can save 2% on their energy costs with cleaning AC filters. Doctors treatment for respiratory or lung or allergies issue are not inexpensive but with regular filter changes can help you avoid the visit to a clinic.

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Low maintenance

Cleaning Voltas AC filters may seem complex task but it is not. Cleaning filter takes just ten minutes. Choose between permanent and disposable filters. If you choose a disposable option then buy in bulk to save cost, effort, and time. Permanent filters just need regular washing, air drying and replacing. Any kind of filter, you select the cost, effort, and time involved is low. It gets easily rewarded through energy savings and health benefits.

Tips to choose the right filters

HEPA filters are designed from densely packed glass fiber layers instead of paper. They trap 99% dust, smoke, and pollen particles. These are eliminated from the indoor air you breathe daily.

To select the best HEPA filters check their MERV ratings. Minimum Efficiency Reporting System [MERV] ratings range from 1 to 12. A higher number indicates that the filters are able to eliminate the smallest particle including different varieties of pollen.

Use of right filter is one side of the coin

Using right filters to avoid health issues is one side of the coin. The other side includes the cleaning of overall air conditioning system. Yearly maintenance of your overall cooling system is crucial. There is a possibility that there is a buildup of dirt and grime on blower fans and other components.

The air you inhale, cycles through the air conditioning system for approximately 5 to 7 times daily. If you don’t use the right HEPA allergic filters and ignore system maintenance then year’s worth of pollen, spores, and dust is sitting inside your equipment right now!

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Schedule a regular AC maintenance pack to clean and tune the unit regularly. You will always enjoy clean air and efficient cooling, thus lowering energy bills and extending equipment lifespan.