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Property Renovation and Refurbishment

Property Renovation:

The process of improving of damaged, broken, old or outdated structure/property is called as Property Renovation. It can also be explained as bringing something back to life or making something new.

Property Renovation


Refurbishment is a superset of Renovation which is defined as the process of Renovation and Decoration.

Property Renovation and Refurbishment is done on already built structure which are old or damaged to reasons like Natural Disaster, Fire, etc.Property Renovation and Refurbishment can be broadly classified in two types of property commercial property or residential property.

Commercial Property:

This includes Property Renovation and Refurbishment of commercial structures like Hotels, offices, malls, commercial buildings etc. This is done to improve the production and use latest technologies in case of factories. Renovations done in hotels to improve the look and feel of Hotel which results in increase in business.

Residential Property:

This includes Property Renovation and Refurbishment of structure which are used for living by people to improve the look of the structure, to add additional features, to increase number of rooms or floors, etc.

Following is set of process normally used to complete the process of Property Renovation and Refurbishment.

  1. Asses the condition of the structure:

The first stage of any Property Renovation and Refurbishmentprocess is to get a detailed assessment of the current condition of the property. A surveyor will be helpful to undertake a building report, which will identify and essential repairs needed. This report can also be used to chalk out the budget requirement of the structure.

  1. The Design Process:

The second stage of any Property Renovation and Refurbishment process is Design phase. In this phase a hand-drawn sketch is illustrated of the broad spatial and conceptual ideas of the proposed design. Few times the design is quickly approved but sometimes it can take a little longer to improve the design. Once concept design is approved, the sketches are transformed into a 3D computer model. This model consists of sections and elevations that help to integrate and refine the design.

  1. Council Approval, Construction Documentation & Certificate:
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The third stage of process Property Renovation and Refurbishment is taking approvals. Approval from local council is required for any renovation that changes or modified any structure. Once a builder is engaged for the renovation and refurbishment, a contract needs to be drawn up between all parties and a certificate needs to be prepared.

  1. Demolition and Construction:

The fourth stage of process Property Renovation and Refurbishment is demolition. But before that all the services like gas, water and electricity need to be disconnected. After that demolition of the structure which are not required need to be demolished and construction of new structure per design should be initiated.

  1. Lock Up:

The fifth stage of process Property Renovation and Refurbishment is Lock Up. Once the construction is completed, lock up needs to be completed.Lock-up basically means the structure is watertight and that the property is secure. All the disconnected services need to be restored.

  1. Handover:

The sixth and final stage of process Property Renovation and Refurbishment is Handover and inspection of the structure. An inspection needs to be completed by both the parties and if there are any concerns that needs to be raised and resolved. Once all issues are resolved, the structure is finally handed over to owner.

Above steps can be followed for any structure in the process of process Property Renovation and Refurbishment.