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Solar Energy Solutions in Massachusetts

Solar energy is not a new thing. The sun has been around since the beginning of time. Harnessing the energy of the sun is increasingly becoming popular as people see the need to reduce their cost of electricity, and see the need to help protect the earth.

To learn more about the solar energy solutions in Massachusetts we spoke to the knowledgeable staff at SunBug Solar located in Somerville, MA. SunBug solar installers are certified by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center to install different solar powered solutions in homes and businesses in that state.

What are Solar Energy Solutions?

Solar energy solutions are ways to harness the power of the sun and use it to power the appliances, and machinery, that your home or business needs to use.

The Benefits of Applying Solar Energy Solutions

There are a large number of benefits you will receive by using solar power instead of your traditional electric power. Some of these are:

  • Using the power of the sun reduces the amount of your electric bill
  • Solar power is environmentally friendly
  • Even if computer hackers attack the local power company and the power plant goes down you will still have power for your home or office
  • The federal government will often help you pay to switch to solar powered options
  • Increases property values. For every dollar of savings you get from your solar panels your property increases in value by about twenty dollars. If your solar panel saves you one thousand dollars per year your property value will increase by twenty thousand dollars

When it is Cloudy Outside will I Lose my Power?

No you do not lose your power when the sun is not shining. When you install solar panels you will actually have electrical power from your local utility company and from the power produced by your system.


You may not realize that Germany is one of the world leaders in efficiently produced solar power. Germany is known for being cloudy and cool the majority of the time, yet the panels they have in place to harness the energy of the sun have helped them to become a leader in this type of energy production.

The local utility company will come to your home and install a net meter in place of the traditional electric meter you already have. The net meter allows you to receive electrical power from your utility company, and it allows the company to calculate exactly how much power was produced by your solar panels.

Your electric company takes the measurement of how much electricity you are producing and they use that information to determine how much you pay to them each month. They do not charge you anything to set up these net meters.

Aren’t Solar Panels easy to Break?

You will not easily break your solar panel. There are currently solar panels in place that have been operational for more than thirty years. They have withstood storms, intense temperature changes, and being struck by various debris.

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The newer panels that are being made today should last even longer with no problems. The new ones are being designed to withstand hailstorms, lightning strikes, and winds in excess of one hundred miles per hour.

How often will I need to clean the Panels?

Solar panels are made of a tempered glass but you will not be cleaning them like the windows of your home. The only time that you might have to clean these panels is if you live in an area with an extreme amount of dust, and very little rainfall. Usually the rain is sufficient to wash away any dust that builds up on the panel.

If you do decide that your panels need to be cleansed it is recommended that you rinse them off with your garden hose, but do this early in the morning before the panels have had time to be heated by the sun.

How big are the Panels?

Technology has allowed the newer panels to be much smaller than the first solar panels were. Today you need a panel that will require about one hundred square feet of roof space for each kilowatt that is installed.

The average home or business needs to have between three hundred square feet and six hundred square feet of roof space in order to have a solar solution that produces ample energy for their needs.

Who can benefit from Solar Panels?

The installation of solar panels can be beneficial for:

  • Single dwelling residential homes
  • Multiple dwelling residential apartment buildings and condominiums
  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Not for profit organizations
  • Public schools
  • Private schools
  • Hospitals, clinics, and medical buildings
  • Churches and worship centers
  • Entertainment centers
  • Sporting arenas

How do I know what I need to start using solar energy?

You can read online articles and gain knowledge about solar energy systems and how they function. You can also call experts to come to your home and evaluate your needs.

An expert can come to the location that the panels will be installed and help you determine how many solar panels you will need. They can also help you to figure out what your power needs are, and the best way to install your panels.

These experts will be able to help you select the right components, then install the components, and finally they can tell you what you need to tell your power company so that you are in compliance with all of their requirements.

You may be eligible for federal incentive programs for installing solar panels and the experts will be able to tell you who to contact about these incentive programs and even how much money you might qualify for.

Installing solar energy panels without the help of an expert would be very difficult unless you are an electrician by trade, and have knowledge of how to convert your building power supply from the traditionally supplied electricity you have now to the cleaner power you are producing.