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Tips for an effective attic insulation to keep a home safe!

Attic insulation is very important to maintain a constant temperature inside the house irrelevant of the season. Insulation helps to keep people warm in winter and cool in summer, which is the reason attic insulation companies suggest to have permanent insulation installed at homes. However, insulation alone would not ensure high effectiveness or the desired results and it should go along with other aspects of home improvement. The following tips are aimed to create knowledge about insulation and how it can work well with the presence of other improvement ideas.

Air sealing

Insulation is good to barricade the outside heat or cold from entering the house; however, it has restricted strength to handle air flow. Therefore, having an air sealing installed on the ceiling would ensure that this aspect is covered. Having air tight conditions with the help of a sealing will ensure the longevity of attic insulation. Ask for air sealing installation as well from the attic insulation contractor Oshawa.


In general, people do not care about the situation of wiring in the attic. This is very wrong as improper maintenance of wires and cables will create gaps in insulation. In addition, telephone companies, dish provider, ISPs, etc. do not care about insulation or anything in the house and just drill holes where they see fit. It ruins the purpose of attic insulation. Taking the help of roofing services Oshawa would ensure all the wires are kept in proper position without disturbing the insulation. If it is a new house, then it is better to pre-wire the house entirely and then think of attic insulation.

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An attic without proper ventilation system will turn into a hot air oven. In summer, the area between the insulation and attic absorbs a lot of heat. The air constantly increases and temperature and radiates into the living area. As a result, people will experience hot conditions during the nights. Attic insulation companies prefer the use of solar ventilation fans. Solar arrays are well-known to keep out the hot air from the attic and keep the attic cool.


There are many outlet designs in the market that are good and work with insulation mechanism of the attic. Such outlets should be used to have electric installations and light installation in the attic. They allow little air to get through and are good at maintaining the purpose of insulation. When professionals from roofing services Oshawa come to the house ask them to install such outlets rather than ordinary ones that provide scope of rapid heat transfer.

Access covers

This is the most overlooked part by people who think of insulation. Attic access cover tends to have gaps and does not fit with the constructions around. The leakage is noticeable and alters the effectiveness of attic insulation. Weather strips or spray foam on necessary areas of access cover can help in reducing the leakage.

Consider these home improvements before blaming attic insulation for not working. If you have any doubts or queries message us through our Facebook or Twitter profiles.

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